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  1. Yamaha MG1-T Trailmastera predicestor of XT1200Z Super Tenere

    saw this on display at Spa Motorcycles , Cheltenham A 1962? MG1-T Yamaha's competitor against the Honda CT200 & CT90. Very rare in UK, only one?, I had never heard of them before today. 80cc rotary inlet valve 2-stroke engine 4 BHP
  2. transalp 600 stolen

    from the ukgser forum (poster is in the wirral) My 600 Transalp's been stolen Just stepped out to go to work and found my 600 Transalp's been stolen. Orangey/red all over, Laser pipe, E-07 tyres, screen has small cutaway for master cylinder, mirror mount epoxied, Oxford tailbag. Probably gone...
  3. Stolen 600 transalp

    Sadly not a post I thought I'd ever have to write.. ***Stolen*** Corporation Street, Stafford, Uk Some kind souls have decided to relieve me of my '89 transalp (reg: K826DDC) (late import). Most likely happened the night of Tuesday 13th March / morning of Wednesday 14th but could have been...
  4. Swap: Rd07a Dominator R exhaust... swap for stock

    XRV Swap Shop
    hey.. looking to swap back to stock exhaust, the bike came with this exhaust.. but I heard the stock one and prefer the quieter tones from it I am in Waterford , ireland Untitled by iainbutterfield, on Flickr
  5. Trail riding

    Africa Twin
    Hello. Any one have advice on trail riding in Wales. I have a few spare days in late August and would like to put my xr in my van and head off. I don't want to book a guide as I really am of the gentle pace and have heard story's of guides and groups going flat out. Just want to know my way...
  6. High pitched singing/whining noise above 80km/h - 50 mph

    Africa Twin
    Hello, Recently I started noticing a very high pitched singing/whining noise coming off the AT RD07A, can I can't seems to figure out where is it coming from. What I do notice is that it only appears above 80km/h - 50 mph and 4.5k RPM. Below that have not heard it. I also tried to pull the...
  7. Considering a first purchase

    Hi all, my first post. Currently riding a harley twin cam but looking for a second bike for daily use but also the occasional longer trip. I have heard good things about the transalp. I like the styling and want a carbed bike. Any advice and suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  8. Rd04 fuel pump. Facet or new points kit

    Africa Twin
    Hi I've heard about the fuel pump issues and was wondering if it's worth changing to a facet or just getting a points repair kit. I'm current rebuilding my rd04 and want it to be reliable when finished. The pump was working fine when the bike last run. Cheers
  9. NC750X year 2014?

    Hi to all! Have been toying with the idea of swapping my 650 with a 2015 NC750X. It's new but it's not the latest model. My main concern is the EFI... what's it like on low throttle openings? I've also heard many bikers complain that throttle may be snatchy / jerky when opening from closed...
  10. Transalp 650 2007 Problems

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi New to the forum - hope you guys can help.. Just got a Transalp 650 2007 at the weekend - and there is a banging at the rear around 3k RPM - has anyone heard this problem before. Thanks in advance for any pointers.
  11. Derestricting FX650

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello guys, im quite a new user here. I have bought FX650 recently, checked with official dealer and found out I have 33hp version of the bike. How can I de-restrict it to go them 39hp or even more ? I have heard about mysterious green wire at the CDI or something like that ... any specific...
  12. africa twin very hot crankcase.

    Africa Twin
    Hi Guys Have just bought a RD07 1994 with 8000 on the clock. Brilliant bike, cant belive I never heard how good they are. Only thing and im sure this is just a bit of bike hypocondria. Crankcase on clutch side gets really hot. Ok so it sits really close to exaust so not suprising really...
  13. Exhaust backfire

    Hola! mY '04 TA backfires and pops when I let off the throttle. Just just started. This winter I rebuilt the vacuum actuated fuel valve and I installed a Scotoiler for the rear chain. Both of these pull vacuum from the nipple on the rear cylinder inlet. The bike never backfired before I...
  14. Main beam switch dodgy

    She just doesn't want to take 90% of the time. Squirt some WD in there and she's fine for an hour. I've heard tale that inside the switchgear is a maze of spings and things that are a bugger to get back in place so I'm reluctant to open her up. I'll give it a go I guess but in case it's...
  15. Wanted: Looking for a 600/650 rear wheel

    XRV Swap Shop
    hi, i've just got my self a 96' TA 600 for a pretty good deal, only downside is a couple of cracks on the rear rim so i need to replace it ASAP, i was going to get a new DID rim and have it relaced onto the original hub but need to get sorted soon and don't have time to wait for parts then wait...
  16. RR Engine bars and stock oil cooler guard

    Africa Twin
    Today I fitted my new Rugged Roads Engine bars to my 98 RD07A and they look great! Went on very stress free and and very pleased as I fit through my narrow garden gate! I had to remove the plastic lower guard that protects the oil cooler and that lower region below the rads. I realised that I...
  17. Drunk drivers!

    I was watching t.v. the other night (10.30) when i heard a what sounded like a bomb going off outside my house,i went outside to find my Transit van 20ft further up the road from where i had parked it and a Ford Fiesta at right angles to the road with n/s front ripped off and my van looking like...
  18. Electrical Fault.

    How to.....
    Hi, I have a electrical fault on my RD07 AT. the battery keeps going flat. It's fine when I ride the bike frequently but if not it appears ok then all of a sudden after a couple of days it drops the charge and goes flat. I have been leaving it on the optimisor/charger for the winter but...
  19. MCN Buxton Pics???

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, happy new year and all that! Has anyone recieved the pics that the photographer took at the MCN shoot in Buxton? Simon said that he would email/USB stick etc all the pics out to those that turned up. I would be a bit disappointed, after all the effort we put in, if he hasn't bothered...
  20. For Sale: XRV 750 RD4 parts

    For Sale / Wanted Lots of parts. PM me if you cant see what you want, and I will dig in and see if it is there :thumbup: Freight for a 1/2 pallet (80x60 cm) to England is about a 100£. The motors are 50 and 70K km old. I haven't...