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  1. Wanted: Sidestand a Africa Twin RD07.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Lads, Looking to replace heavily damaged AT sidestand. Even the stand itself will do. Thanks in advance, Aidan.
  2. Heavily modded Hayabusa

    Spotted at a place near you! Watch out! It eats children and small dogs !
  3. The Olympics

    Well we've been hearing about everyday for about the last two years one way or another and i've got to say i've lost interest in all off it and can't be bothered to watch any of it, it's all just done my head in hearing all the usual drivel about over budget, finish times for building etc and...
  4. Thoughts on ownership.

    Well after nearly 3k miles, the lump and I are getting to know each other. Still a few things to sort out before Scotland in a fortnight, but I am reasonably happy with her. ;) But oh it's a top heavy sod, and as for getting it up off the floor after wingman James rear ended me in France, I...
  5. Rd03 marathon ex Tony Fawlks, help needed

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, my marathon project is gathering pace now I have some time and no work ;) It is a mammoth task and has been fighting me. Frame sent back 3 times to powder coaters. Rear wheel rebuilt by central wheels, gloss not satin hub, bearing faces in hub heavily pitted and loose bearings. They...
  6. more rust resistant exhaust header clamps for dommie ..what'll fit ?

    Dominator / FMX
    Would like to replace my heavily corroded 2 piece header clamps with something similar in stainless etc . seen a few used ones on ebay from different bikes . just wondered if anyone has found anything better quality that fits and doesn't cost the earth ? thanks in advance Bill
  7. back in nam! homecoming run with mates

    Africa Twin
    so after a few days at home after the long trips, i started itching again (penicilin does not help fr this disease!) just wanted to go riding in the desert with my mates, and feel the freedom of not schlepping something resembeling a sherman tank around!......freedom at last. the usual suspects...
  8. Dornoch and Diesel

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well a frosty and sunny Start at AlfordJ 0800 start and sun just getting up, Only one of these vehicles uses Diesel J This picture taken with the i-phone before I put it into the water proof bike mount, apologies for the crap pictures that follow, looks like the flash was on and reflected...
  9. A mad weekend ending with a new Trannie

    Past National Meets
    Wasn't quite sure where to post this as it's not really a 'ride report' as such, nor is it really about the National, so mods please move as you see fit :thumbup:. Anyways, thought some of you might be interested to hear what we were getting up to at the weekend. I guess it all started as I...
  10. Stubbsie's Crash

    Africa Twin
    I was on my way back from recce'ing the National Rally Campsite & had an off, I hit a patch of gravel exiting a roundabout & off I came lowsided down the road, the AT slid down the road into a grass verge near the Ponderosa Cafe in North Wales. Luckily for me a convoy of Mazda MX 5 owners...
  11. XR250R/400R exhausts

    The silencer end piece of waffles' XR250 is standard except for a few dents, some internal & external corrosion & a heavily modified end piece. A standard pea-shooter piece can no longer be inserted due to this modification & so waffles has been on the lookout for a better end can since the...
  12. Why is the smallest bike i've ever had the hardest to ride

    Did my second trial ever on Sundat on the Gasgas. Entry was low as one other club was holding a big Moto-x event. The couse was near Helston, in Porthlevan. It was heavily forested, very slippery on the wet grass moss and mud and a general ball ache to ride, it was also a very hot day...
  13. Engine vibration after removing choke

    Africa Twin
    I recently removed the choke and blanked it off, and the bike rides really well, but I can now detect a more clonky, hammering sound and vibration coming from the engine, perhaps only the front cylinder, which was affected heavily by the sticky choke ... Could it be that I just need to sync the...
  14. Bol D'or 2011

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    just had a fairly fantastic weekend at the Magny Cours round of the 2011 world endurance championship.. A friend had arranged to fly from Northern Ireland to Gatwick on the Thursday, I collected her and after a night out with Jenny (my better half) and friends at a local Indian, we were up early...
  15. North Wales, rain or shine

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    We deposited Caitie M with the mother-in-law on Friday night with the plan of an early start up to North Wales for th weekend. With a quick 20 minutes up the M4 to Cardiff we headed up the A470 towards the Brecon Beacons, the day started out a little damp but as we hit the 470 it began to...
  16. XR400 Engine Mounts

    Had the four engine mounts powder coated as part of the rebuild, however two seem alloy and two steel? The ones with four holes are steel. The powder coaters said they seem heavily corroded, they are tapered in the middle, almost like a peanut shell shape if thats a picture in your mind? Are...
  17. New Jihadi mag for women

    Asia Times - Asia's most trusted news source for the Middle East
  18. Waterproofs and how they build character! New pair wanted.

    I've decided that there are two qualities that one must rely on heavily as a motorcyclist: humour and humility. Especially when dealing with waterproofs. Basically, because it is hard not to look like a total pillock, fighting a losing battle with one's over-trousers, standing in the road...
  19. cheeky question -- car tyres

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Yeah I know this is a bike forum but there's a lot of knowledgeable people here so bear with me ;) Car tyres need 1.6mm of tread across at least 75% of the width. Any rules for the remaining 25%? I've got a set of tyres (Conti Premium Contact -- don't buy 'em!) that have worn to almost...
  20. What is this bashplate?

    Was looking at alternative crashbars when I happened across this .... Motohaus Powersports Limited Honda XL 650 V Transalp .... the bashplate apears to be a (heavily) modified AT (RD04 / 07 ?) unit. I like the look of it, might not be as tough as some of the after-market TA aluminium...