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  1. Transalp
    Anyone looking for a centre stand for their TA, try Heavy Duties in Romania ( Heavy Duties) I have one on my 700, and the build quality is excellent, and only cost 84 euro, 600 & 650 80 euro.
  2. Africa Twin
    Heavy Duties Adventure Luggage And Protection has anyone ordered off these guys? ordered and paid for stuff last week, got an email saying they were being dispatched on monday and he'd send me a tracking number, got no number and emails today result in an automated reply saying they are away...
  3. Africa Twin
    Forgive me is this is a duplicate but I figured I'd start a list (assuming one doesn't already exist) of AT vendors. Gonna keep it simple - name, website, country, brief description taken from their website (I figure the descriptions could do with some sharpening up but as a starting point I've...
  4. Africa Twin
    Hi all. Forum virgin alert so be gentle ;) I've been looking on internet for some panniers for my newly acquired rd04. I've come across a company in Romania called Heavyduties. Their panniers look good but has anybody had any dealings with them and can anybody recommend them. I'm nervous about...
  5. Product Reviews
    Has anyone had any experience or dealing with this company or there products I,m looking for a set on pannier frames for my 09 Yamaha xt660z Tenere :thumbup:
  6. For Sale / Wanted
    haven't enquired about postage, but seems good prices Contact HD
  7. Product Reviews
    Hi All, I ordered a screen extension (the kind of thing you get on top of the MRA screens that you can adjust) to retrofit to my GIVI tall screen from Witomoto parts in Poland. Having read some of the reviews of panniers from different countries than the UK (NOT HEavyDuties - they are great so...
  8. Accessories
    Just got email today my rack wit exhauts cutout is ready. panniers wont be getting made till later as he is already fullfilly a backlog of orders and upgrading their place. but he sent me their new design and this what they sell now. they look real nice need save now for panniers
  9. Africa Twin
    I have been in contact with Alex at heavy duties in Romania since September, about the possibility of creating a one off pannier rack for my RD03 (hepco & becker are a whopping 250 quid and no other racks are readily available). Since the snow has cleared up a bit over there Alex has got his...
1-9 of 9 Results