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  1. New High Heels for the Trannie ordered

    Yep the time has come to upgrade my racing slick front Tyre.So i thought i might as well get a new rear as i don't get on to well with the Mitas in the wet. Ordered a set of Heidenau K60 M&S from Germany. Only 109 pound delivered :thumbup: :blob8::blob7::blob8::blob7::blob8::blob7:
  2. If I do it will be Cabbages fault

    So I have been out and about recently with my riding buddy Cabbage, and the Tenere.. all be it the old model... is showing a clean pair of heels to the Alp. Even on the road it pulls very well, and seems almost on a par with the Alp. I had thought about an @ but money is tightish, I had even...
  3. Thoughts on ownership.

    Well after nearly 3k miles, the lump and I are getting to know each other. Still a few things to sort out before Scotland in a fortnight, but I am reasonably happy with her. ;) But oh it's a top heavy sod, and as for getting it up off the floor after wingman James rear ended me in France, I...
  4. Dayglo insanity spreads

    Hot on the heels of Ireland's pointless, stupid and patronising idea of the introduction of mandatory full sleeve dayglo jackets for motorcyclists, the French are joining the (stupid) party too, apparently. Got this from the Visordown forum - "The French Gov has finally confirmed how it will...
  5. Fathere Frads Tour of The Lleyn Peninsula

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Father Frads Tour of The Lleyn Peninsula Frad being a gentle man gathered all those riders who where left from not going Bog Snorkelling with Mike and round the ragged hills with Paul and who could ride legally and headed off around a gentle few roads showing the sights of the Peninsula. as we...
  6. Crashbar advice - xl700

    This has probably been done a few times , sorry but I'll ask again !! What is the collective wisdom / opinion regarding crashbars for the 700 ? I had Touratech ones fitted to my 650 and was reasonable happy with them although thankfully never "used them for their intended purpose" . I heard...
  7. an alp in the jura

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    left home at 07:30 saturday. overcast & +/- 13°c. Rode over to a mate's to meet the others & after a quick coffee off we went. As the southern Jura & High Jura are what could be described as my old stamping ground, I had been volonteered to ride point. The ride down the N6 as far as chalon sur...
  8. Easy pootle turns to hell

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    A bit of a fright. I finally got ViewRanger installed onto the phone today, plus 640mb of ordnance survey maps of Ireland, the complete set, so to test it out I decided to take a bit of a spin towards the Burren in Co.Clare and use it to find some archeological sites. I found one or two...
  9. adrian chiles on an alp

    Anyone else read in the mail today about adrian chiles from the One show rides an Alp. Seen yesterday riding off with his co host from her flat. Two very nice rides one after the other,lucky sod;) High heels? Not on my wheels. Adrian Chiles sends Christine for a costume change | Mail Online
  10. New member & TA700 owner

    Hi All, Ive been lurking in the background for a month or so soaking up all your advice and comments as I considered buying a TA700. Finally I picked up a TA700 2 weeks ago and am loving it. I tested it back to back against a TA650 and it really is a different bike - the front is more...
  11. its all slimies fault

    Other Bikes
    oh dear oh dear oh dear im very seriously at this moment considering selling marmite and my soul to the devil to get a KTM 950 ADV i seem to have fallen head over heels with them :o i was fighting it off quite well till my visit to simons over the weekend and im now in turmoil cos his 990...
  12. seen it all now

    trucking through nottingham today,lady biker on yamaha diversion,topbox and rear seat loaded up,winter jacket and gloves on but wearing PENCIL SKIRT AND 3IN HEELS dont know where she was going but hope it was worth it dressed like that cheers darren
  13. NEC Show

    Just got back from NEC show very good as usual. I liked the new Triumph Tiger but it is very road orientated. Also that little Kawasaki Versys is a very nice bike for the missus. Talking of which Anna really did not know how close she came to working on the street tonite, i really thought it...
  14. GPS speed limiter introduction on bikes

    hot on the heels of the speed limit cuts comes news of the government deciding bikes need to be fitted with GPS-controlled speed limiters:
  15. Lowering suspension

    Africa Twin
    At 5ft 10ins (in my high heels) I'm not as confident on my AT as I am on my Transalp when riding off-road. On the Tranny it's easy to 'dab' if I need to but on the AT it's a long way to the ground. Today I have attemted to get around this by dropping the front forks through the yolks by 7mm...
  16. Which boots?

    I need a new pair of boot and Im after some which provide good protection, waterpoof(ish) and which you can walk around in. Ive currently got a pair of Frank Thomas Aqua sport boots which have been good, but ended up with a baggy heels. Ive been debating whether to go for a full on MX boot...