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  1. Vader's Tours
    Change of plan What with that silly sausage eating Kraut mucking up his passport application and not being able to make this year's Northern Germany trip we had a bit of a rethink about where we would go. Yes we all still wanted to go to Plon but it was felt that that would best be left for...
  2. Vader's Tours
    Having had a chat with a few people in France which came last year to Mainz i found out that all of them did quiet like the place:cool::cool: All of them said they are more then happy to do the trip again.Granted we have not seen a lot while we where there.Still got to do the Mosel...
  3. Africa Twin
    About a month ago I was coming home through Heidelberg putting along with traffic along the river when the engine stopped just like I had hit the kill switch. I thought I had hit the reserve so I reached down and flipped it and started it right back up. All was well. Today it did it twice...
  4. Travel
    Hi all, V & I are heading to Holland for the ITT then looking at visiting Germany. We'd normally spend a bit of time planning where we'd like to go but unfortunately things have been a little hectic & we haven't had the time to do this. What are your fave places - think; beautiful areas, 'chill...
  5. Africa Twin
    Looking to meet up and ride with local AT owners. I'm in the Baden Wurttemberg (Mannheim/Heidelberg) area. :)
  6. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Finally posted the continuation of my trip through this awesome part of the country - hope you enjoy it too. Thanks. droffarc
  7. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just updated my wiki with a multi day trip done while working. I had to attend a stock take in Prince Albert in the Karoo and from there I went through to Heidelberg. Days 1 to 3 now posted. to be continued..... See Thanks:cool:
1-8 of 8 Results