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  1. Lost? Garmin closed cos of snow

    Can you believe it? Garmin has closed its helpdesk today because of the snow. What are they - a school?
  2. XRV A.V Helpdesk

    OK, straight to my latest dumbo question. Has anyone ever used one of THESE to convert a composite video signal into VGA ?? I have a mini component system which has an integrated DVD player. The DVD player outputs component, composite, scart, and I'd like to use a standard PC LCD monitor...
  3. XRV I.T Helpdesk silly question RIPPING MUSIC

    This evenings stupid question is... I would like to rip (if that's the correct term) an audio soundtrack from a video that is hosted on YouTube. I only want the audio, and ultimately I want to put it on my iPod (well iPhone actually) as a music track. What does everyone else use...
  4. XRV I.T Helpdesk: Query 005

    For all those geeky, anoraky types out there, could I ask for 2 minutes of you time please?? I've had a few problems with my internet recently, and during investigations I've come up with a few anonomalies, which I would like some second, third, fourth etc opinions! Firstly, could I ask you...
  5. XRV I.T Helpdesk MAJOR Request number 4

    OK, short story long. I've been out of regular work since last year, which I'm a bit naffed off about however... I've been offered a bit of work by a friend, but unfortunately it's doing something I know nothing about, but hope someone can point me in the right direction or help in some...
  6. XRV I.T Helpdesk Request

    I've got a really stupid problem with Outlook (in Office 2007 suite) which I hope someone can help with?? Simples really. I can't get it to automatically add email addresses I respond to, into my address book. There's gotta be a silly tick box or summin somewhere, but I can't find it for...
  7. The XRV Helpdesk

    The Haines Manual doesn't seem to cover head races so I had to call the XRV Helpdesk a few times this weekend - otherwise known as Chad. First thing he said made no sense. It was something about nuts, yolks and forks. I thought, I know how to make an omelette, it's these flippin' head races I...