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  1. XL
    Hi Newbie here, I have brought myself an old XL600 LMF which i intend to restore, i have since realized that both the side panels i need are like hens teeth! just wondered if any one on here could help or suggest anything? thanks for any help Tony
  2. XR
    Hello folks I know this question is probably older than hens teeth around here but does anyone know where I can pick up some sm wheels for my 1998 250? Got about £500 any thing new out there available?
  3. Ride Reports and Pictures
    This was a game from a club here in Athens.We had roadbook and many questions which we had to find the hidden answers on the road.It had a lot of fun .The weather was magnificent as you can see on the video and we are looking forward for the next game
  4. XL
    Hi all, little bit of a snag on my rebuild, I require a battery holder these I believe are as rare as hens teeth so im looking for some dimensions and a picture so could I could build one , if I can I will build it out of stainless steel and powder coat it black , but im a bit stuck, it a 1979...
  5. Africa Twin
    Is there any way of fitting an RD07 seat to the RD04 04 seats are like hens teeth but there a few for the 07 on fleabay, I want to convert to a single seat but would like to be able to go back to original if and when I fek it up
  6. Africa Twin
    Hey guys. We're current in Albania on my way to Greece Athens. We're making another Aim for the Horizon video o give away online. We're looking for AT parts in Greece so we can service to bikes and repair our breakages when we arrive. Can anybody suggest the best place to get the spares? Or...
  7. XL
    Hello again! Does anyone know if the fuel filler cap from a dominator will fit an LMF fuel tank? I only ask because they are quite abundent on ebay, whereas the LMF one's are like hens teeth!:(
  8. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Probably as rare as hens teeth secondhand but you never know Centre Stand and Topbox/luggage wanted for xl700 transalp crofty
  9. Africa Twin
    Hi guys.. anyone know it the header pipes off the honda xrv 750 either rd04 or later will fit the transalp 650`s just the front pipes to the rear uplift...need to ditch the subchamber for a new rear shock and lift.. As long as the front mountings to the cyclinders are the same as I need to...
  10. Africa Twin
    Okay guys. rare as hens teeth here. but i just found a wheel off 1990 AT, I was thinking that i may grab it for the hub (so i can lace up a 18" X2.5rim). But will it fit? Cheers Xander
  11. Africa Twin
    Hi to all! 30 years have already passed from the first presentation of the XRV engine. I wrote a little article about it. Please judge it kindly ...:) You can find it here XRV's V-Twin engine Greetings from Athens, GR
  12. For Sale / Wanted
    Honda XLV 750 Breaking For Spares!! Auction for a Dustcap | eBay seem like hens teeth...
  13. I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi, I am trying to resurect an '85 xr 250 (twin carb RFVC) and whilst I have every confidence the answer will be 'no' I'll ask anyway. The top end of my motor is damaged, cam snapped, snapped exhaust valve, (repairable) head damage, worn rockers. Does anyone have/know the wherabouts of...
  14. Off Topic Lounge
    I thinking of getting some and someone in work mentioned about the law saying who can and who can't keep them. Does anyone know about the law on domestic hen keeping?
  15. Africa Twin
    someone asked me for these recently
1-15 of 15 Results