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  1. For Sale: Hepco & Becker Junior Panniers 30L pair

    For Sale / Wanted
    **EDIT Price reduced from £250 to £220, any takers??** Further reduced to just £180 of your finest English pounds. Right, this is the chance to grab em before they get put on that auction site. For sale, Hepco & Becker Junior Panniers 30L, left and right. They're in practically new...
  2. Sold: BMW R1150GS 2003 ABS EVO Black 48K Miles £3250

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    A 2003 R1150GS EVO model with twin spark engine and servo ABS braking SOLD and gone Have decided BMW's are not for me, very effective but not involving like the Scrambler or AT. Great for long distance work but I find it too big for my aged limbs so I have brought another Transalp (XL650V)...
  3. Pannier options for 650

    I'm thinking of getting some hard panniers for my 650 Alp and quite like the look of the Hepco and Becker gear. Since the exhaust is on one side do fellow Alp owners have a smaller case on the exhaust side, or do the mounting racks stick out the same on both sides? The H and B aluminium...
  4. For Sale: Hepco and Becker Gobi panniers

    For Sale / Wanted
    One pair of Hepco and Becker Gobi panniers. In silver, purchased in February this year. described as 37 litre aluminium look panniers. More information here Hepco & Becker I know a few people showed an interest at the National so I thought I would offer them here first before they go on Ebay...
  5. Hepco and Becker Gobi panniers

    What's it worth?
    I have a pair of Hepco and Becker Gobi panniers that I am thinking of selling. I am getting some aluminium panniers. Any idea what I should put these up for. I see new ones are over £400. They are just approaching 9 months old, with both keys but not with frames. As shown here...
  6. For Sale: Hepco and Becker q/d panniers frames.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Honda XLV1000 2007 I have replaced the frames with a permafit pannier frame from Holan. So the H&B set is for sale. I replaced them as although there's nothing wrong with them my BIG heavy (41litre) Ali panniers never really fitted properly and I always felt were overloading the frames. To...
  7. For Sale: Pivot pegs and sw motech pannier racks

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hello as i am selling the transalp i have a couple of bits for sale. I have Some SW Motech pannier racks for a Transalp 650, they have a few scratches but not bent at all, they come with adapters for Hepco and becker Gobi panniers and also adapters for Sw motech panniers, i think its the older...
  8. For Sale: 2007 57 Plate XT600e

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    All, Decided to sell my XT600e as its not getting enough use ever since I got my Africa Twin. I had kept it for greenlaning, but my opportunities to do that are few and far between due to my other commitments. Whereas the AT gets used nearly every day this one has only been out twice this...
  9. Crash bars for xl650v

    Hi folks. Just in the process of ordering some bars for the TA tonight and can't decide between the sw motech and the hepco and Becker that go around the headlight. Can't find much info on the latter. My worry is that the sw bars won't protrude enough past the fairing to protect it. Any help and...
  10. Hepco and becker fittings for sw motech racks

    Hi hopefully ill be buying some sw motech pannier rack on saturday, does anybody know where i can get the bits from to be able to fit the panniers? Thanks Ed
  11. Pannier racks fitted

    Finally got round to fitting the Hepco and Becker Pannier racks, pretty easy job, took about one and a half hours without any problems. It all went together nicely.
  12. Wanted: RD04 hepco becker luggage rack

    For Sale / Wanted
    Bit of a long shot, but I thought I'd try here before I order them online. I'm interested in a tubular hepco and becker luggage rack to fit an RD04 (rd07 ones are different and won't fit). If anyone has any that's going spare, I'll give you a good price for them. Might also consider other...
  13. opinions please '96 transalp with luggage in germany

    hi folks, just subscribed.. looking for a transalp out here in germany and wondered what you think of the below.. Motorcycle Ad: Detailed Item Page this is my dodgy translation of the text "technically good condition and well maintained, some customisation. suitable for small people...
  14. MOT

    Dominator / FMX
    Well, the SLR just aced it's MOT today:cheers:. More a credit to it's previous owner,than to me, as I haven't done a tap to it since I got it. Still, we're almost road legal now, as soon as I get my amended policy In the post, I can get it taxed. On order already, a larger Givi screen and, if I...
  15. RD03 Pannier Racks Assembly

    Africa Twin
    Hi I have a question for all: Do you have directions or a picture how to install hepco and becker panier racks (for soft luggage bags) to strap onto to my RD03. I got them from Tyres for Bikes here in Australia (Brisbane). The guy that gets them over from Germany (imports them here) is somewhat...
  16. more pannier questions - specific i promise!!

    Contemplating either hepco and becker gobi's or trax both 37L sets. I already have a givi topbox but need more room for my junk! I do a lot of motorway miles therefore a lot of filtering. Just wondered if anybody on here has either set and how far off the bike they sit? :confused: I've done the...
  17. Top Box Rack

    As I seem to need every available place to hold luggage :rolleyes: this is a Hepco and Becker rack to fit to the topbox. Question is will it fit a Honda Top Box or is there another make that will ? Cheers Guys and Gals :thumbright:
  18. Hepco and Becker pannier catch problem

    Everything Orange - KTM
    I have a broken catch that holds the pannier on to the frame it still holds the pannier on but once unlocked the catch falls off the pannier. I would like a new one, has anybody got a phone number for H&B, or a shop that may be able to help me, what I want to do if possible is to keep the lock...
  19. For Sale: (probably for sale) 2007 Varadero ABS

    For Sale / Wanted
    Due to me making a big mistake and going to look at a KTM 990 I am pretty sure I am going to be selling my Varadero. In fact if you offer to buy this you will probably just make my mind up: 2007 07 plate Black Varadero 1000 VA7 EFI, ABS, 14,000 miles, good condition, loads of sensible extras...