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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    Hepco &Becker Gobi panniers and rack in very good condition to fit any Transalp 650 model. these cost apx £650 new, now surplus to requirements. £300. im in Southampton, collection in person preferably, but I’ll discuss other option if required. John, 07500 214851.
  2. For Sale / Wanted
    Unfortunately the aftermarket exhaust on my AT will not work with the Heavy Duties set up. (not enough clearance for the cross brace) I'm looking for some Hepco & Becker if anyone has some old ones they'd be willing to sell.
  3. Everything Orange - KTM
    I'm about to purchase a 990 Adventure 2013 model. Any recommendations on which panniers are best? I know KTM do the Hepco & Becker Gobi ones which can also carry water. Are they any good or should I go towards the aluminium ones which are made by Touratech? Any advice gratefully received.
  4. For Sale / Wanted
    as per the title - bought the top box off chad who I believe used it to put his brain in whilst at work..... fairly used! the side boxes I bought of another XRVer (Nev I think) who had only used them twice. the panniers come with adaptor plates for the locks. I've never used them - been sat in...
  5. Africa Twin
    Shiny thing make it all better... 2 x 35L Hepco and Becker panniers arrived this morning, unfortunately someone at some time has welded an indicator bracket onto the pannier frame which blocks them mounting properly so I've whipped the frames off and taken then to a local fabricator who is...
  6. Crossrunner / Crosstourer
    I've bought a new belly pan for the Crosstourer for its Christmas! Delivered from Hepco & Becker for £170 in black. Merry Christmas all!
  7. Africa Twin
    I got some Trax racks because the hepco ones were like double the price here locally. Its all fine and dandy because the Trax racks have a kit to mount the HB luggage. It seems my luggage locks (to the frame) has been replaced with padlock type locks and things are a little different to the...
  8. Africa Twin
    I got a great deal on a set of Hepco alu panniers and a topbox. Problem is that it came with rack for a TransAlp 700. I have five star racks and I know there are in certain circumstances, kits available to make the 2 compatible. I checked the price on the Hepco racks locally and nearly fell on...
  9. For Sale / Wanted
    im having a bit of a clear out first thing to go is Gobi top box and mount plate , that fits RD04 RD07 RD07A £85 plus postage or collection
  10. For Sale / Wanted
    One pair of Hepco and Becker Gobi panniers. In silver, purchased in February this year. described as 37 litre aluminium look panniers. More information here Hepco & Becker I know a few people showed an interest at the National so I thought I would offer them here first before they go on Ebay...
  11. What's it worth?
    I have a pair of Hepco and Becker Gobi panniers that I am thinking of selling. I am getting some aluminium panniers. Any idea what I should put these up for. I see new ones are over £400. They are just approaching 9 months old, with both keys but not with frames. As shown here...
  12. Africa Twin
    The hepco becker luggage rack I ordered a couple of weeks ago for my RD04 turned up today. I notice on one of the tubular arms that runs down to the foot peg hanger, it looks like they've either run short of pipe and used another bit that's tacked onto the end before it's been powdercoated, or...
  13. Transalp
    Hello, I have recently purchased my first big trailie, in the form of a 2003 TA and am loving the bike so far (my previous bike was a Honda Hornet 600)!. I have just bought a set of panniers off ebay that looked to be a bargain, but now I'm not so sure. They are a set of Hepco & Becker Journey...
  14. Africa Twin
    Is it needed to use smaller box on right side with combination mentioned?
  15. Africa Twin
    Hey! As stated in the title, I need some help fitting my newly bought pannier rack to my 2003 AT. Got a complete set of near new H&B boxes pretty cheap, but no mounting instructions came with them. I have tried the H&B site, but all they do is tell me what NOT to do in GERMAN.. If...
  16. Everything Orange - KTM
    I have a broken catch that holds the pannier on to the frame it still holds the pannier on but once unlocked the catch falls off the pannier. I would like a new one, has anybody got a phone number for H&B, or a shop that may be able to help me, what I want to do if possible is to keep the lock...
  17. Africa Twin
    Arrive today whilst I was at work. 1 crappy page of instructions with rubbish pictures :( Never mind took off both side panels and away I went, less than 45 minutes later all done. Good Points They were a perfect fit and went together easily, all bolts etc provided. They are balanced...
  18. Africa Twin
    Right then A quick question for those of you who have them fitted, I have just ordered myself the hepco & Becker pannier frames/Racks for my 1990 RD04 and I am wanting to order some new Metal Panniers for it :thumbup: I need to know what size boxes to order, do I either get 2 boxes the...
1-19 of 32 Results