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  1. slr fmx

    Dominator / FMX
    heres my slr/fmx ive not been on here for a while just fired the bike up today its been stood for 2 years.
  2. Trident project

    A while ago I did a thread on here about a custom SLR I built.....was just re reading it then noticed theres a Triumph section here! So heres a few pics of latest Trident project....
  3. WANTED. africa twin number plate holder.

    Africa Twin
    Hi, has anybody got a uncut number plate holder for a rd07 africa twin. heres hoping. cheers rob
  4. Wanted: 89 cdi unit

    For Sale / Wanted
    As it says in the title, I am in need of a Proven to be good cdi unit for my Alp..I know it's a big ask and theres a few on eBay but I thought I would try here first. It's the MS8 C1558 model I need
  5. help me fix my engine

    Hi all, just wondered if anyone could help me fix my engine.. heres some pictures :toothy10:
  6. Factory colour?

    I thought when i bought this it had been repainted at some point. But now after taking it apart theres no signs of other colours anywhere not even under the tank. What do you think?
  7. Green Lane Forums?

    Anyone tell me which would be best to join(as in a paid up member),theres a bit of a difference in price,but im unsure which is best/best for me TRF=£45+£10 for local group GLASS=£35 Any benefits either have over the other? TIA
  8. Rear Bulb Blowing

    XR400,do they all just keep blowwing rear bulbs?,mines doing it about every hours riding,is this normal?,i know theres plenty of vibration,but surely they shouldnt blow this quick? Thanks
  9. October 21st for 2 weeks anyone going on a trip?

    October 21st for 2 weeks anyone going on a trip? Cant seem to find anything on to travel too and the trips seems to come to end this time of year. I have two weeks off in Oct and thinking of going on a bike trip for some of the time. Camping and mainly A/B roads (not off roading) and wondered if...
  10. No shop now?

    Looking for XRV stickers just to see if theres any different ones now. Can't find the shop has it gone and did it go when Dave stopped being the main man?
  11. Events from the weekend!!

    Hi All Just to say that theres a new Blog up on our site! The TransAlp Tracey Brothers hope you enjoy. Until the next time. Ride safe and have fun Thanks from all TTB's
  12. For Sale: only 1900 miles on a 56reg transalp

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Theres a 56 reg 650 transalp for sale in red with just under 1900 miles on the clock for sale across the rd from me the guy wants £3500 if any ones interested
  13. my transalp

    heres a picture of my transalp with xrv decals,
  14. xr650r horn

    hi, just bought a 650r, which has no horn fitted, has the button on handlebars but cant find any wires anywhere has anyone fitted one to theres? is it a/c or d/c? cheers
  15. Vader, how many accounts DO you have on facebook?...

    I've got one already, i'm sure i had two before and now theres another `people you may know - Peter Apel` popping up, but iv'e already got you in my list... How many times have you registered on FB? lol Get him sorted Debs! :D Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff...
  16. Wanted: xrv750a gearbox

    For Sale / Wanted
    just sending out feelers to see if theres 1 out there for sale, may be needed soon :( cheers
  17. Music i listen to whilst 'spannering'

    Heres my latest band i discovered a few months ago 'Disturbed' I find them very therapuetic whilst spannering, but the wife and neighbours dont approve (i have to shut the shed door) enjoy :D.............. its an old vid ! :
  18. varadero screen wanted?

    For Sale / Wanted
    hi guys im after a decent screen for my 05 plate varadero xl1000 please heres hopping you can help. thanks andy
  19. Italian love afair or fling ?

    Ok then, i'll be first with a proper owners post :iconbiggrin: Call me feckin stupid/dumb/brave whatever - who buys a Ducati with no service history - ME :confused: Checked the bike out last week, and it fired from cold on the button no problems - engine sounded sweet as a nut. Decided my...
  20. Bearings gone?

    Africa Twin
    Hi Read a lot of the treads here on head bearings. Recently discovered that theres a noticable notch when turning the steering and the front wheel is in the straight forward position. Are my bearings gone? Or is it normal? @lf