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  1. Dominator hesitant at mid/high revs

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi everyone, The Dominator project continues apace - so far new oils, filters, pads, gaiters etc. Now that I have had a chance to take it for a run I am aware that the bike is hesitant at mid/high revs - it feels as if the petrol is running out although the petrol is fine and it is possible to...
  2. Problem - anyone used a wemoto ignition coil?

    Africa Twin
    Twin broke down a mile from home yesterday, as if it had run out of fuel. Switching to reserve it would only (eventually) start on one cylinder, but after a push to the petrol station fired up immediately on both. Bemused, I took it for a run and it felt hesitant and popped a lot on the...
  3. Power Commander for 700.

    Hi Gents, Over the last few months, I have changed the end can (Leo Vince), Link pipe (again Leo Vince) and air filter (K&N) on my Alp 700. With the link pipe I also removed the oxygen sensor and fitted an eliminator on the connector point. All seems to be OK, bike has more grunt all round...
  4. Rutland - Peterborough100

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    As Ive started to volunteer as a motorcycle marshal for cycles races im now starting to get about the country a bit, discovering areas of the homeland Id not normally have a reason to go to. Sunday went something like this... 5am and I had an early start to get to Peterborough for the Action...
  5. sticking rear brake on TA 600

    having just re-assembled my bike with the shiny newly rebuilt wheels (pics to follow - bike looks great with black rims and TKCs :thumbright:), I've discovered that my rear brake is sticking. The caliper piston moves freely when the rear brake pedal is pressed and winds back in ok with a clamp...
  6. For Sale: For sale 1988 Dominator

    For Sale / Wanted
    1988 Dominator Hi guys, I'm selling my 1988 Dommie NX650; E reg. It's an import, imported 1998 34K KM, at least 9 months MOT and TAX I bought it as a second commuter bike but I'm not happy using as a commuter, as I do other things at work making luggage a necessity etc; I wanted a Dommie years...
  7. Pimping my ride, decals/stickers and other useless ramble

    After looking at those nice pics of the Italian AT get together decided I am going to pimp my ride :mrgreen: So without further ado I give thee Bye bye mr green screen :lol: I am always hesitant to put stickers/decals onto paintwork as it can look equally as crap as it could good. I do...
  8. Jets to use with a K&N airfilter?

    Africa Twin
    I'm running 125/125 front/rear main jets on mine with Laser Pro Duro and stock air filter and the engine now pulls sweet. Mine is a '98, so there are some changes in the carbs between mine and yours. If yours feels hesitant at motorway speeds and feels slightly flat towards the upper rev range...