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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    I'm just heading off to this Highland Car Club - Snowman Rally - Home Highland petrolheads at their best , great craic, no snow this year, at least not at low level ;) I'll see if I can get some photos :thumbup: Watch the video ---awesome
  2. Great Roads/Routes
    A pint for the first to name that peak ! Taken a fortnight ago on my Highland stravaiging (wandering). Sun shone, roads almost empty, NO MIDGIES! One of a few perfect days spent in God's own country. Bliss! Les Later: What? No takers ? It is Stac Pollaidh (Stac Polly to the soothmoothers -...
  3. Africa Twin
    Many Thanks to ORO for his help in servicing my AT. The bike is fantastic!! More pics on the ride report forum.
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    That's it, we're all doooooommmmmeeeeddddd up here now. The dark lord was spotted in my home town, the capital of the Highlands last week :( Inverness Courier | News | 'Dark Lord' causes alarm in Kinmylies Looks like we have been prematurely invadered :D:D
  5. Ride Reports and Pictures
    A little while ago, a few of the boys suggested a 'lads' trip to Scotland to blow the cobwebs away, before the clocks go back & winter sets in..... With a date set, B&Bs booked & route planned, I set off in earnest, on Friday morning. Heading to Alston, meeting Nick at 1pm, the other three had...
  6. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hello everyone, Along with a friend I will be riding from Alaska to Argentina starting in September. Before we leave however we are organising a day trip out into the Highlands, starting from my home in Aberdeenshire. The plan is to set off Sat 31st July at around 10am and head over the lecht...
  7. Africa Twin
    Hello all, It's only been 5 years but just decided to stick some pics up of our tour around the Highlands onto YouTube here: YouTube - Highland Tour (On XRV750 Africa Twins) Sorry there's not a great deal of the bikes, just scenery snaps, but well recommended to those who are thinking...
  8. Ride Reports and Pictures
    What a day - wind at speeds greater than the capability of my 'ickle @, rain coming across the road, blown by the above wind! And just occasionally some of that bright stuff called "sunshine" (I may have spellt that wrong as I'm not used to using the word :D). Myself and Lowflyer met up at the...
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    See you jimmy, fancy a wee pint :p :p :drunken: :drunken: :drunken: :p :p Just a quick invite all highlanders, if you are anywhere near Fort William on either Friday 16th March or Sat 17th March, Simon and I will be over there to climb Ben Nevis to raise money for a local charity that I work...
1-9 of 9 Results