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  1. Highlanders Meet / Ride Out & BBQ (Sunday 6th March 2011)

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    So I am organizing a day of High Adventure , great roads and Excellent BBQ . The details are : Have a coffee and a chat at the hungry highlander cafe. (coffee's are on me) Meet everyone at Braemar. Hungry Highlander Cafe (AB35 5YP) This will be a early meet , 10.30am - 11am. We should be...
  2. This is what makes the Highlanders tick

    Was trawling across the tube yesterday and came across this little beauty. See if you can spot me making a right [email protected] of myself, just after 3 mins in :D Slow start, then really revs up :thumbup::thumbup: YouTube - Runrig - Loch Lomond Live In Glasgow Must admit, I'm feeling quite emotional...
  3. Highlanders in the Hills

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Got a few of the Highlanders together for a run up the Pass of the Cattle today. There was a plan to try and meet up with the Lowland contingent, who had decided to stage a minor, two pronged invasion, with Outrunner taking the Low road to Fort Bill, whilst Boris & Ben took the High road to...
  4. The Highlanders meet the Lowlanders @ Glen Lyon

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    What an absolutely stunning day for a ride out! As scheduled, the Mountie & youngest son, Adam, arrived at chez Steve T for 0830, from whence we headed via many scenic local roads for Glen Lyon. At the ordained hour, meeting was completed with Lowflyer at Aviemore. From here I was supposed...
  5. Highlanders Skye Run May 2008

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just a few shots from todays run to Skye . . 4 bikes @ Loch Cluaine Highland weather @ it's best today . . . . Glamaig, near Sligachan Sgurr nan Gillean Add your own comments to this one :D Loch Harport, upon who's shores lies the Talisker distillery. Great day out - 360+ miles door...
  6. Highlanders meet the Irish

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Actually managed to meet up with Simon & the Irish crew today - at Applecross. Here's the first stop before we met them - Lochcarron after a wet 60+ miles from Inverness . . On route we just had to run up to the top of the Pass of the Cattle . . . Thats AfricaJims good lady trying her...