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  1. What was your best ride in 2016?

    What was your best motorcycle trip this year? Our 2016 highlight was riding the Kola Highway in Russia: from St. Petersburg along the two biggest lakes of Europe and the White Sea across the arctic circle to Murmansk and beyond. We started the trip in SPB on 21st of June with the intension...
  2. Africa Twin spotted in BBC article

    The BBC currently has an article about how TE Lawrence's demise helped bring about crash helmet research and helmet wearing. Who's the mysterious black-clad Africa Twin rider pictured under the Highway Code paragraph? Lawrence of Arabia and the crash helmet - BBC News
  3. Not for highway use? Say what?

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    So I bought a new inner tube for my rear -- the LBS assured and reassured me it would be good for my 140 tires, even though the package said 4.5-4.75 (Chen Shing). However after prying the old megastiff tubeless K60 from and preparing for mounting the new ultrastiffer K60 I noticed the tube had...
  4. Human Compassion....Who needs it?

    Something more hopeful.... AMAZING! DOG SAVES ANOTHER INJURED DOG IN HIGHWAY - YouTube I don't imagine it did live but 10/10 to it's friend.
  5. Racing on the public highway

    Tragic loss of life but really is there any place for holding races on open roads? BBC News - Cyclist Junior Heffernan killed in Severn Bridge race crash
  6. Seeing the New Year in with a BANG!

    BBC News - China fireworks truck blast causes highway collapse
  7. Handle bar vibration tips

    Africa Twin
    Like the title says: Highway driving vibration solutions are needed. It's not completely terrible, but with a ton of full riding days ahead of me, I'd love to hear ways to decrease the vibes.
  8. The Atlantic Highway

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well what do you do on the last day of your Easter Holiday? well if the family are amusing themselves with friends at Paigton Zoo! you treat yourself and your trusty Trannie 'Lola' to a good blast out. So I had the whole day ahead of me, and after a trip over the hills to Tiverton I had a full...
  9. What's the average highway fuel consumption(XL650v)? THX

    What's the average highway fuel consumption when riding around 75 mph? Thx Claudio
  10. Highway Code. have you read it lately?

    all us who drive where i work have been given a copy of the latest Highway Code. interesting to read,last time i did was 15 years ago before passing car test! it has some sensible advice and makes me see how poor a lot of other drivers are. so many things people do on the roads and in the book...
  11. which honda for Pan American Highway.

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi all. I am planing to do the Pan american highway, in 18 months. I will be traveling one up for about 6 to 8 months going as far north in Canada as possable and as far south in south America. I plan to use secondary roads when I can but as I will be traveling alone it must be...
  12. Arctic Highway

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Off to do Arctic Highway in July. Calais to Rostock. Ferry to Helsinki. Helsinki to Kirkenes. Kirkenes to Bergen. Ferry to Newcastle and then home. Anybody any thoughts, has done route, unusual things to see/ side trips etc. :cool:
  13. Highway code is rewritten

    The highway code has been rewritten. Am not sure what rules are affected but will try to explain the new rules as best I can. When approaching a traffic calming scheme where you have to give way to oncoming traffic, do so, and only proceed to enter the traffic calming scheme when is clear to do...
  14. Atlantic Highway

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    No, it's not on the east coast of USA but the north coast of Cornwall & Devon. Wheel out the Black Dog (Led Zep track) - It's a good mix of fast sweepers and twisty sections and best of all it's quiet this time of year. It's better suited to sports bikes so the best thing is to get...