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  1. 600 Sidestand

    Quick question,,,,,,,,,,, my 600 TA will roll forwards and allow the sidestand to fold up on the slightest of downhill slopes, should the stand lock in place somehow? or do I just have to remember to park her in gear?
  2. How bulletproof?

    Hi guys I went riding on sunday, only for an hour or so, and this was after I had been out for a similar amount only a couple of weeks earlier. Before I went out a couple of weeks ago, I checked my oil level and it was great, so didn't think to check it this week. (I've had the bike 3.5 years...
  3. Braided lines? Yay or Nay? If yay, which ones?

    Africa Twin
    Alright lads, I'm giving the brake calipers and the brake system a good cleaning and service. All I have to replace are a few rubber boots. Happy days. NOW, I want to get braided performance brake lines. I hear with new disks, pads and braided lines the bike stops great! Is it as simple as...
  4. Red Marley Hill Climb

    Red Marley hill climb bank holiday monday, if old scramblers racing up a big steep hill sounds like your sort of thing then this is for you Red Marley Hill Climb 2017
  5. TRANSALP 2002 Brake lines

    Recently acquired this bike and wish to upgrade the front brake hoses as the original ones are showing signs of age. Checked out Venhill (2 hose race kit): Goodridge (2 hose race kit): Wemoto (3 hose standard set up). Confused as to which I should go for. Doesn't the standard system go thro' a...
  6. Braided brakelines

    Dominator / FMX
    I have made new brakelines for my ol' girl. I did not want to use the redymade kits from Ebay as i want to keep the pipe piece on the fork, so only way was making them my self with Venhill fittings. I think the result look pretty good, and it make a world of difference to braking capacity. If...
  7. RD7A Backfires

    Africa Twin
    My RD7A (2003) is backfiring every time i close the throttle to engine brake. Going down a long downhill on the way to work early in the morning i'm capable of waking all the dogs.. blue flames out the back is spectacular but not quite civilized.. The bike has a leo vince pipe, and i am...
  8. Won't tick over when hot

    Africa Twin
    Sorry for the 'very basic heading but thought I would go straight to the point. Have got a 98 A T, and have just returned from a 12 day trip to Spain. Since being away the bike has developed an issue when standing on tick over. The bike will start first thing in the morning and run fine. Rides...
  9. Is it possible to allow the RD07 to start clutch-in in-gear?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I would like the ability for the bike to start in-gear (with the clutch in). My 1998 VFR has this ability - I found it handy to be able to leave the bike in-gear with the engine off to hold on a hill when stopping momentarily, then to be able to re-start straight away by just pulling in...
  10. Charging

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys, I'mm sure this has been done to death but.... So I started the bike in the car park tonight, it started as per normal and when I revved it the bike cut out. Maybe had to much choke, maybe a number of reasons. Thing is the bike wouldn't start again, I kept trying and in my...
  11. Are bikes getting too complicated?

    Africa Twin
    ever get the feeling bikes are getting too complicated? Triumph Tiger Explorer review .... the bike in question (or, at least, the full-spec option) features semi-active suspension, cornering ABS, cruise control, a torque-assist clutch, a Hill-Hold 'handbrake' function, a traction control...
  12. Slinky Cables

    Product Reviews
    Heads up regarding Slinky Cables currently being touted by Wemoto. I bought a replacement throttle cable (pull) for my XL600R. It's 50mm too short compared to the standard Honda item which is now out of stock. I don't know if all these cables come up short or even if this is a one off but do...
  13. I have a problem with wind

    Dominator / FMX
    My Dommie lives on the street so it hides under an Oxford Stormex cover when not in use. At least three times in the last month the wind has got it and knocked the bike over. We live on a slight hill so the bike is always parked with the side stand side down hill but because it's quite a tall...
  14. Popping on overrun.

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, had my RD07A for a carb tune because she was running extremely rich (black sparkplugs front and rear). Got her back and immediately on my way home, she was popping on decel. I've turned the pilot screws all wich ways with no luck. Had a proper look for air leaks (carb rubbers and...
  15. Red marley hill climb

    anyone else going ? great day out and the weather forecast looks pretty good , Red Marley Hill Climb
  16. Looking for snow on an Elefant!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi all, a great finish to a long weekend, took my old Elefant out for a run today, see if I could find some snow! I headed up Speyside to "The Mountain", Cairngorm. So Elgin, over the hill by Dallas to Knockando, follow the Spey, through Grantown then back road by Nethy Bridge to Coylum bridge...
  17. High revs cutout

    Africa Twin
    Hi Lads - just looking for your thoughts on this... When doing around 80 - 120km/h on my @T RD07A, all is good with the engine, until I throttle back very slightly, say on a downhill to maintain constant speed, then it feels like the engine is jerking slightly/cutting out for very short...
  18. A Ride Around the Hills

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Nipped out for a quick spin around the local hills this morning, seeing as the sun was out and the roads are still relatively free of salt (well, most of them) Slipped along the northern bank of the Spey, heading for Grantown, and somehow rode onto one of the fishermans tracks River Spey -...
  19. Best bike for a broken back

    Africa Twin
    Eight weeks back I had a paragliding accident, fractured a vertebra. Welcome to a whole world of pain, air ambulance, paramedics, the whole caboodle. Made a poor decision, turned towards the hill before I was higher than the hill, splam! heavy landing on my arse. The air bag in my harness saved...
  20. For Sale: TA650 old seat required to increase height

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi everyone, from a newbie, that sounds ridiculous considering l'm 67, (how about old newbie) anyway, l've just sold my NX 650, and bought a 650 TA, mainly because the TA will be virtually vibration free compared to the dominator, but l need to raise the seat height, I'm 6' 5'', so if anyone has...