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  1. Africa Twin
    Long time since I posted on here, but I've just found a rare treat in need of some love:p I say rare because bikes of any size are anyway extremely difficult to find here in Myanmar, but an AT is an even more stunning find:thumbright: This one is up for sale for around 1800 US$ so I'm sooo...
  2. Africa Twin
    Hmmm, i recently chopped out 2 hubs, relacing new rims. BUT, now i don't know which was a rd04 & which a 07a. No big deal, but hey according to lings rear type 1/ 16 x A9x177, 8 x A9x173, 8 x A9x170 total 32 spokes rear type 2/ 16 x A9x178 8 x A9x173, 8...
  3. Dominator / FMX
    Hmmm, just noticed my vinyl starting to crack, so have to think about a re-cover - anyone had any experience about the kits on ebay - ranging from some smart-looking (in the photos) dual colour ones for 44 quid, up to some German replacements, where you send off the whole seat. As the bike is...
  4. Africa Twin
  5. Africa Twin
    ...Partly 'cause I'm a lazy interweb surfer, partly 'cause I don't tend to expand my horizons to look at other interesting topics, mostly though 'cause the bookmark I link via is to the Africa Twin section here? I guess, I could have posted this topic on the main site but as I 95% only read and...
  6. Africa Twin
    GPI silicone radiator hose for HONDA XRV750 XRV 750 AFRICA TWIN red | eBay
  7. Africa Twin
    Having a look over my new acquisition and noticed one or two of the spoke nipples on the front wheel are a bit rusty. Any suggestions? I did think a bit of silver hammerite on them.
  8. Africa Twin
    Hmmm. I have had my AT for a few weeks. it came with three keys, ignition, tank and seat. Hmm. I just ordered a matching set of locks and keys from Hamart. They turned up quickly. Cool. They keys fitted the locks, BUT the filler key key jammed in the lock. Wont turn either way, just stuck. I...
  9. Chatter
    Hmmmn!:rolleyes: Wayne Rooney-Designed Motorbike To Be Sold At Bonhams Auction (PICTURES)
  10. Chatter
    We were planning to 'do' NZ in march, but it looks like that'll go on hold for the moment...sooo, maybe time to change the horse in the stable;) Just found this... BMW R1150GS als Enduro/Reiseenduro in Darmstadt
  11. Africa Twin
    not sure how old this is, or if it's been posted before, but makes an interesting read... Honda EXP ..... and i'd like one in my garage, that's if i ever got off the thing:blob: #####! 1995!!!!
  12. Chatter
    Hmmm, I don't think this has already been posted but I think it definitely should be as it's great, some fantastic shots !!
  13. Africa Twin
    Took the bike to Austria today and the missus followed in the car with our bike trailer on the back...I used 13 litres of unleaded, and she used 10 litres of diesel!! Admittedly she had to keep to the German speed limit of 80km/h with the trailer, but she certainly crept up to 100 at times...
  14. Transalp
    i'm picking up a 2006 xl650v transalp for my friend this week. Nothing concrete yet.... BUT, he's seen my 1998 xrv750 rd07a africa twin spare engine on my bench, & was asking if the cylinders & heads would go on current engine. Any thoughts anyone?
  15. For Sale / Wanted
    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace hmmm.... no fairing, engine fairings, clocks, tripmaster, head-lights or holder, + other bits missing, milage? (speedo off another bike), doesn't know why it's been stripped. why doesn't he just sell/lend me the engine?
  16. XL
    Hiya I'm a newbie from North Wales I've just bought a really manky XL600R (RMG I think - still trying to figure out what the differences are). The initial idea was to tidy it up a bit and ride it as-is, but now I've got my mucky paws on it I can feel a major rebuild coming on. I'm new to...
  17. Triumph
    Ive been offered an 01 955i tiger with 15k on it and i find myself sorely tempted !!!!. The price is right too.:D The KTM is not going, just got the itch for another bike :rolleyes: it would save puttin high miles on the orange beastie tho.:D:D. Should I :rolleyes:.............Hmmm.
  18. Chatter
    I've been lookin at one of these for the Ironbutt rides next year.:rolleyes: On the advice of Yeti it seems to be the perfect weapon for this sort of thing.:confused::confused: Well........ Shall I ....... or ...... Not.
  19. Africa Twin
    Rode an @ recently, liked it, want one........... This One..:D:D:D.
1-20 of 22 Results