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  1. Worcs/Glos/Warks Green Lane Routes?

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Ok guys so I have had my XR650 for 6 months now and the nearest I have got to off road is riding across a campsite to get to my pitch!! This wouldn't normally be a problem except that the only reason 'er indoors agreed to the bike was if I predominantly spent the time green laning (she is under...
  2. Green lane debate, please join in

    There is a debate going on in difflock (4x4) forum, trying to thrash out what can be done to ensure the future of greenlaning. If you care at all about our hobby then please join in, give your views and lets see where it takes us. This is an issue that effects us all, no matter how many wheels...
  3. New Member from Norway

    Hello, new member on the forum. I hope you can ekscuse my terible Enhlish, remember i am from Norway. I have been riding all kind of bikes over the years, and are waiting for the new 700 Alp, that i have ordered. My hobby is Enduro racing, and do apr 25 race a year. This is the bikes i have...

    Bought my XR4 in 2004 brand new:cool: i'd put two grand down on the bike six weeks before it came into the uk, so I had a long wait to get him home and named him JAWS (coz I figured he was swimming across the sea to me), then the crate came in and it seemed forever for the shop to hand it over...