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  1. Bank Hoilday spin to Ribblehead Viaduct

    Great Roads/Routes
    Check out the blog on The TransAlp Tracey Brothers 73 miles, great roads and fantastic views... one for the evening spin at the meet in two weeks time.. TTB1 Dan
  2. The Spirit of Goodwood

    Me and the Wife went to the Goodwood Revival this weekend, we did the Festival of Speed a couple of years ago and decided we needed to do the Revival. The revival is nowhere near as big as the festival of speed it was only about 200,000 people there but what a weekend it was. There was all kinds...
  3. Trans-Alp

    This June, I point the TA in the direction of the large sewer that drains this sceptic isle (Eurotunnel), and ride blissfully down the fragrant tree-lined roads of France and so to Switzerland for another superb hoilday in biking Nirvana. Previous excursions took place on a ZZR1100, which of...