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  1. Wanted: RD07 Headlight Cowl Holder

    For Sale / Wanted
    If anyone is breaking a bike or has a spare I could really do with one. as mine is unstraightenable and the poor bike is a bit bong eyed and will probably only be allowed a day time mot, when the time comes. Its the mini subframe that attaches to the main frame and holds the headlight and the...
  2. Radiator washers

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone know where I can buy the washer which goes into the rubber bush which holds the rads on Same kind of washer for sump guard/bash plate. They rest inside the rubber sleeve bush. And what's there proper name
  3. Newbie in search of an engine part

    Africa Twin
    Hi all I am having a tinker with my recently purchased RD04 and have found the generator cover on the side of the engine is broken. The tag that mounts the screw that holds the sprocket cover has snapped off. If anyone has a generator cover, please let me know. Cheers
  4. Good Value.

    Just bought a 51 litre top box brand new off e bay £27.00 it holds two helmets easily and the quality is very good.Oh and another new addition is the Fuel oval end can which sounds awesome.
  5. Wanted: RD04 Africa Twin Petrol Tank

    For Sale / Wanted
    Anyone got one for a reasonable price that actually holds fuel?
  6. Riding out to Italy tomorrow

    Hi, booked on the ferry from Hull tomorrow night then 6 days away, returning on the motorail from Livorno next Saturday, Hope the weather holds out, should be good.
  7. side stand 2008 xl1000v

    I lowered the suspension 1.25" on my 2008 xL1000v varadero and now the side stand holds the bike almost vertical. Have heard the sport bike side stand has worked, but can find no details as to which one. Has anyone out there had any experience with this? Or should i just find a welder and...
  8. Swap: RD03 Complete Engine - surgest a swap!

    XRV Swap Shop
    The Engine have run ~ 58 k km, uses a litle too much oile, but holds 41 horses on the wheel!
  9. Luggage rack/pillion holds etc.

    Hello, I have just bought a 1999 Honda Transalp that I use for daily commuting and general biking shenanigans and it's excellent. The bike is in pretty good all round nick, although it is missing a few original features that I would like to replace: - it hasn't got a luggage rack or anywhere...
  10. the little plastic bit that holds in the choke plungers

    Africa Twin
    i broke one of mine and i am gonna be asking david silver for a new one i just need a part number can any one help?