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  1. Be Safer on the Trail with New O’Neal Element Boots and Save 20% on a Purchase!

    O’Neal Element Boots are some of the most popular among off-roading enthusiasts. And there are a few good reasons for that. First – they feature premium design, high-quality materials, and have a durable construction without breaking your bank. Second – they offer good protection to your feet in...
  2. RD04 Scratching noise when pulling clutch

    Africa Twin
    Hi :) I have an RD04 from 1990 with 67000kms on the clock. The last couple of days I have started to notice a scratching sound from the engine when I pull the clutch and let I roll to a traffic light or something. Everything sounds perfect in neutral and when driving that's why I am worried...
  3. Honda 1972 SL350K2

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Honda 1972 SL350K2 £2400 £2400 The SL350K2 is the last of the Honda 350 twin dirt bikes with no electric starter, pressed aluminium mudguards, 21” front wheel, 18” rear wheel Honda 1972 SL350K2 speedo 7643 miles, free tax & MOT, last expired May 2019, UK reg May 2018. Running condition...
  4. Germany to Scotland

    Africa Twin
    Hello. The wife and I will be setting out for our first long distance trip on the bike. We originally planned on going to Ireland too, but have cut it down. We're going from Dover to Windsor tomorrow afternoon and then from Windsor to Lancaster on the 15th. On the 16th we'll be bumping around...
  5. On the road please help

    Africa Twin
    Hi before holiday in Italy I play with air/fuel screw as I thought it's running to lean and overheat to much. Unscrew half turn more. During ride when trying to drive more then 65 miles engine start losing power (the jumping feelin, like no petrol)) I changed setting back what had before (more...
  6. Dutchie needs some help in Wales (fuel pump)

    Africa Twin
    Dutchie needs some help in Wales (update: stranded! But back home) Hi all, Sorry for having a first post with a request for help. I'm on holiday in Wales and my fuel pump is acting wierd. It stops pumping suddenly or sometimes directly after starting. A restart helps and thats how i came from...
  7. Red Marley Hill Climb

    Red Marley hill climb bank holiday monday, if old scramblers racing up a big steep hill sounds like your sort of thing then this is for you Red Marley Hill Climb 2017
  8. Confirmed-3rd Countrymen Rally, Haggsbank Bunkhouse Alston Cumbria -12 to 14th May

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    3rd Countrymen Rally, CumbriaHaggs Bank Bunkhouse and Campsite, Alston CA9 3LH, UK From Friday 12th to Sunday 14th May About this event It's time for our third attempt at a rally cum get together in Cumbria near Alston at Haggsbank bunkhouse and campsite...
  9. Motorcycle Cinema & Open Weekend, Gorey , Wexford , Ireland.

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    nice little meet up in March... be a few bikes about I reckon.. he is probably doing this both sides of the pond.. but in case anyone fancies a weekend away, or a trip up to it from around Ireland. Motorcycle Cinema & Open Weekend Facebook page, for all you folks who have an account...
  10. Motorcycle Vagabonds - Ride around the World

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Around the World on Two Wheels, Vagabond Style We have dreamed of it for many years, until we finally plucked up the courage to leave it all behind. After 3 ½-years travelling around the world on Honda Transalps we are now back and ready to reminisce about the 114,000 miles that have passed...
  11. Crf Africa twin spotted Torquay

    Black crf africa twin spotted in Park Dean holiday site over this weekend 2nd, 3rd July. Nice looking bike kitted out with full luggage , crash bars with spots.
  12. Why hard to start after a long ish rest

    Dominator / FMX
    My Dominator is currently resting in the garage awaiting the arrival of a new rear shock. I decided to start the bike today after not running the beast for 9 days. Normally when I go on holiday and return the bike is also a pig to start. Its taken me most of the day on and off to get her fired...
  13. Help. I need a replacement exhaust NOW!!!!!

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all So I am just a few weeks away from my summer trip on the bike. I have a few last jobs to do but in the last week the exhaust on my 1996 Dommie has started to blow. Currently I run the standard pipes but want to replace the tail pipes with a single can. So far every one I have looked at...
  14. Ship your motorcycle Bulgaria for the Ultimate Avdenture holiday

    Hello. I'm not sure this is allowed so please delete if its in anyway inappropriate. Hopefully it is of interest to some of your forum users as its a pretty unique offer. We offer Motorcycle shipping and adventure bike only tours in Bulgaria. We ship YOUR OWN BIKE to Bulgaria for the...
  15. My new daily commuter...Forza 300

    Other Honda
    Hi all, Now that I changed job in spring and my Swing125 was a bit too slow for my new commute which includes over ten miles of motorway...I took advantage of the Honda August Bank Holiday Sales and traded up and bought a brand new Forza 300! It's soo smooth and much faster than the my trusted...
  16. Rugged Roads 10% Discount On Everything

    Valid until midnight on Monday - we are having a bit of a sale. 10% DISCOUNT ON EVERYTHING IN OUR SHOP FOR THE BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND No codes, just place your order and the discount will be applied during the payment process. Everything is in stock, so no long waiting times.
  17. The bear tour of germany

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    If you looking for a different region for a holiday with stunning roads,ridiculus good and cheap food and drink,have a look here.Just come back from 2 weeks of biking bliss My ride report and about a million pics are here bigtrailie • View...
  18. The Next One ?

    Girlfriend is entirely, comfortably, happy with pillioning about on the 650 Transalp … … that we’ve done a few laps of Sicily upon. But, Transalp 650, two-up with luggage, will take its own sweet time on the tedious motorways, autoroutes … … and autostradas between the interesting...
  19. Carberg Duke or similar lid - any feedback?

    Hi all, I fancy a "flip-up" lid, mate of mine has a Shoei Multitec and time after time, it's proved that this flip up style is very convenient. However, the Shoei is silly money (£400) so been sniffing around and found the Carberg Duke (Flip-Up helmets - Duke - SB - Caberg Helmets) seems like...
  20. Bank Holiday ride-outs....

    Hi all, Hope you all got out over over the Bank Holiday :D Thought I would throw a few pix up of my Alp a little lost in Northumberland. Share your pix and stories of the BH here? :thumbright: