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  1. Dear Pepe. I wish you were here.

    Dominator / FMX
    The last 3 holidays I’ve been on I wished I could have had my trusty nx650 with me as there is no restrictions to riding off road. I’m currently in Sal, Cape Verde and hired a quad bike and had loads of fun but it’s not the same as Pepe. I wish the UK was so accessible to use on a motorcycle, we...
  2. Carbon fiber bash guard rdo7

    Africa Twin
    Hi all ,i was busy tinkering in the garage when i remomoved the bash plate from my twin just to see whats what really ,anyhow i have started to fabricate a carbon fiber copy form the original i should have it done after my holidays all being good ..Would anyone be interested if i can replicate...
  3. Wanted: Used or scratched XRV750 RD04 Windscreen, preferably MRA's Vario touring screen (VT)

    XRV Swap Shop
    Hello. I am going to attempt to increase the length/height of my existing windscreen by stacking multiple offset windscreens with additional supports. If you have an RD04 windscreen on shelf collecting dust, please contact me. I currently have an MRA Cario Touring screen mounted. MRA is...
  4. For Sale: Thomas Cook Worldwide Travel Vouchers

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have £1,000 worth of Thomas Cook Worldwide Travel Vouchers that were given to me for a previous birthday. They are no good to me as I don't go on holidays lol... So I want to swap them for cash, but I'd sell them at £850. So you will get £150 free towards your next holiday. Please PM if...
  5. Urgently Needed: Right Fairing RD07A within 2Days Shipping

    Africa Twin
    Hey Gang, Lost my right front fairing yesterday and am looking for something quick and dirty that I can get my hands on here in London by Wed when I'm meant to be riding up north for the holidays. I've purchased a replacement already but that won't get here for a a couple weeks. If you have or...
  6. Black Rear Shock Spring: OEM?

    Africa Twin
    Forum Members, Hello and happy holidays! My 1990 RD04 was purchased with a Showa rear shock, black spring and a remote Showa reservoir of MV1-003. Was the original OEM spring red? I am curious to learn if Showa shock and spring are OEM. Thanks in advance for your feedback. David
  7. Rear Shock: White Power - Reputation/Status

    Africa Twin
    Forum Members, Hello and happy holidays. A White Power rear shock was installed on my 1991 RD04 AT when I purchased it. I am curious to learn if anyone is aware of White Power or the reputation of their shocks. I assume the company may have been acquired, renamed or closed. There is very...
  8. Water Pump Failure Frequency

    Africa Twin
    Forum Members, Hello and happy holidays. I am interested in learning of the age or mileage any members may have experienced a water pump failure on their AT. I searched the forum and learned water pumps are not frequently discussed. My 1990 RD04 AT with 78k km is being updated for a long...
  9. Anyone thinking of selling a trailer?

    I hope to combine 2 of my favourite pastimes soon:) I've got my campervan booked in to have a towbar fitted in June so that when we go away for holidays we can hopefully load up the Transalp to take with us. Been looking on eBay at single bike trailers, some are asking for silly money whilst I'm...
  10. Trail bike hire in Central France, Limousin

    New for summer 2014, Ridelimousin is now offering trail bike hire as well as guided trail riding tours. You can fly into Limoges airport from the UK and we can provide airport pickup, protective clothing and everything you need! Please see our website for more info and prices. A few pics of...
  11. Sold: NOW SOLD Honda Varadero XL1000 for sale

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Here is my Varadero 1999 I am selling. Going back to a BMW...GS1150A!! Here is the listing 330892555382. The Vara has been a good steed, commuting, holidays..... Any questions, please ask away
  12. Xmas hols and new contracts :)

    Well, that's me now until January 2nd, and when I go back I'm officially with a new employer. It's the same job doing the same thing but I was contracted in before but the firm is taking me on, more holidays, a pay rise, better rate of sick pay (although I've not taken a sick day in the 8 years...
  13. Well its buy for now, Off to a new land for a while.

    Well its time to say good buy for a while.:crybaby:ell Im Flying off to Kenya to work for 6 months so the old girl is locked in the stable for the time been. I cant wait to go as i was there on holiday for 3 weeks at the begining of the month, well visiting the wife who is also working there...
  14. Another hello from another new member

    Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself before I begin posting. Just bought a 12 month old XLV700 after commuting through last winter on an XT660R I wanted something for easier motorway (holiday) work. Came with full luggage but I'll probably take it all off for everyday use and fit a givi...
  15. Security during holidays

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi guys, I just got a 2001 Transalp - my first serious bike and so far I 'm very happy with it. To secure it I bought an abus disc lock (with alarm) plus an almax chain and anchor but unfortunately the bike will not fit in my front garden which means it stays on the road and the anchor is not...
  16. Trying to get some extra money for my holidays

    So i got a part time job:D YouTube - Darth Vader's recording for TomTom GPS - behind the scenes
  17. Africa twin fly ride holidays

    Hi all This is my first real thread so go easy on me Not sure if this is on here already but a local Honda dealer CJBALL local to me anyway in Norwich UK runs holidays in Spain and sends out several bikes with a mechanic to meet you at an airport in southern Spain Chris the owner tends to...
  18. Summer Holidays

    Me and the wife have just decided on the summer hols. She wants to go visit her great grandad, but he's 6ft under in a war grave in Belgium and i want to go up Eiffel Tower. We both have the 1st 2weeks of September off so booked the Plymouth to Roscoff night Sailing out and a late afternoon...
  19. Holidays

    Well 3 weeks today Burrich & myself will be sat on the ferry to Santander :mrgreen::mrgreen: Going through Portugal, down to Gibralter . Back up through the national parks. 3 weeks away on the bike :wav::glasses7::glasses7:. Whats everyone else got planned :thumbright:
  20. Holidays in Scotland

    Hello, good friends! I'm planing taking a 2 week tour around Scotland and the islands. I currently live in London, and the far north i've been is the lake disctrict. I'm quite used to long journeys under all kinds of weather, and i did ride all the way from Portugal and back a few times. I...