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  1. Africa Twin
    Hi all, I've quite a bit of work to do this year on my '91 RD04 and I'm wondering where's the best place to buy a workshop manual? I've seen some for crazy money on eBay... Anywhere else I should be looking? Thanks in advance, Dar Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. Chatter
    Ended up at XRV dot com by accident yesterday. Holy sh*t!
  3. Africa Twin
    Ex works Honda Dakar: we have found one! | Classic Racing Motorcycles
  4. Africa Twin
    Le due ruote – La Gazzetta dello Sport Supposedly, Vito Cicchetti at Honda Italy has revealed in an interview with Motociclismo that there will be an all-new Africa Twin to be revealed during the Intermot in Cologne in 2014. I have absolutely no idea if is a trustworthy source. But...
  5. Transalp
    Trying to find a site to mount the preload adjuster on my Hagon shock. Just where in the name of all that's Holy are you supposed to mount the bl**dy thing?! The stainless oil hose is very, very stiff and doesn't like tight bend radii and I'm getting very frustrated trying to find a site for...
  6. Chatter
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  7. Africa Twin
    It seems my AT has been found, after being lost for almost 2 months! The ignition barrel has been ejected (they left it for me as a memory). Can I fix that myself? Easy? Cheap?
  8. Africa Twin
    Hi all. After all these years just sold the Dominator and am now looking for a good condition Africa Twin in or around Norfolk if anyone has knowledge of one please let me know, making do with a Cagiva navigator 1000 but its just not the same. Regards Kevin
  9. The Longest Day
  10. Chatter
  11. Chatter
    Plain stupid, or balls of steel ??
  12. Chatter
    I love my AT, but... There's a web site, but no clues as to how much it costs.
  13. Africa Twin
    Only 4000 on my AT on original Mich T66 s. Should I stick with them until when ? or am thinking of going for better now like the Metz Tourances ? Your esteemed thoughts pls
1-13 of 15 Results