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  1. For Sale: 2002 Honda XR 400

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    For sale my Honda XR 400 had it around 4 years and it's been faultless, bur sadly time to go as I haven't used it much this year. Good tyres with mousses plus a spare set of tyres. Near new brake pads front and rear. Swing arm bolt free and coppa slipped all bearing waterproof greased. Oil and...
  2. Honda XR 400 Swinging Arm

    Hi All Anyone got one of the above a friend of mine is after one, if you have give him a txt with a price and details call Kev on 07969013190
  3. A few various xr400 engine parts for sale

    hi all, incase anyone is interested i have a few xr 400 engine parts for sale on ebay at the moment and ive made sure they are considerably lower price than the rest have a look at my other items through this link, also some other bits to go on such as stator etc need to electronically test it...
  4. honda xr 400 replacement engine?

    Hi all, i have a honda xr 400 about six months ago the engine exploded beyond repair, i stuck it to one side and bought another bike as i needed transport for work, now im wanting to take the xr to some enduro events but im having trouble finding an engine, does anyone know of an engine for sale...
  5. will these fit an NX650 Domimie

    Dominator / FMX
    HONDA XR 400 1996-2004 98 99 01 02 03 STAINLESS STEEL DOWN / HEADER EXHAUST PIPE | eBay you don't suppose these will fit my Dommie Ro2 (89)
  6. Honda Xr 400 wheels

    Hi All Has anyone replaced any spokes on a rear wheel on a XR400, they seem to be straight pull, but is it possible to take out a couple of seized spokes and replace them with new ones with out taking the wheel apart? I had a problem with a old Triumph years a go looked a simple job to...
  7. 1996 honda xr 400 engine oil. how much in???

    can anyone tell me how much engine oil should go in my 96 xr400. Just had the bike and want too do a service this weekend. Also any help on best oil too use would be very helpful.cheers lee.
  8. bakes

    honda xr 400 kickstart lever desperatly needed the bike is a 96 model.also could anyone tell me if the earlier model kickstarts would fit.any help much appreciated thanks.
  9. XR 400 Coil

    Hi All Can you put a new HT lead in a Honda XR 400 coil or are they sealed in ?
  10. supermotard wheel on xr 400??

    I'm thinking of buying a honda xr 400 2004mod, but it just has enduro wheels. I want to have the 17 "supermoto wheels, so I wonder if there is someone who knows of any brands that can be used? I think of wheels that can be used as a" bolt on ". I have read that some have used cbr 600 f1 tires...
  11. Honda XR 400

    Hi All Any one put a lowering link on a XR400, I'm looking for the std Honda suspension link. Cheers Andrew
  12. Honda XR400R

    Honda XR400R

    Honda XR 400 R
  13. XR400 Stage 2 cam with wiseco 440 Kit - help please

    I am in the process of getting my bike back together having blown it up! The guy that is doing the engine rebuild has asked me to see if I can get any advice on the set-up before he begins the engine rebuild for me. He is a brilliant bloke and is basically trying to same me the expense of...
  14. loose steering

    do you think this can affect the overall handling of my xr:confused: