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  1. IZIMeeting 2019 - 10-12.05

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Dear Friends! Biker boys and biker girls! Let us invite you all to the IZI Meeting for the ninth time! As usual on the second weekend of May, as usual at the Grodziec Castle. You will find everything you like: meetings with friends, loads of good, live music, Saturday rides of different type...
  2. Paint Chips Advice

    Africa Twin
    Hey Folks - hope you're all managing to get in some riding in these colder times... Could do with some advice on how best to fix some paint chips on the front left side fairing. As you can see from the photo, 90% if the chips are on the red decal - the rest on the blue. To be honest I can live...
  3. RD03 original front and rear size ???

    Africa Twin
    Hi there, I'm currently rebuilding my 1988 RD03 beloved twin and I need to replace my 2 rims, and to be honest I'm not a fan of the Excell one proposed on rugged roads... so I had a few reads on the forum and eBay seems a good option, but I'm a bit confused about it.... so my question is...
  4. finally.... finally... finally... finished...

    Africa Twin
    well after much swearing, and painting and lets be honest.. bargaining with the bike to run, start, and generally not break on me.. I am done.. every nut, bolt replaced , most new parts, new suspension. new mosfet, new CDI, new shocks, callipers, tyres.. dash I made myself.. and multifunction...
  5. with two XL700VA around the world

    My girlfriend an me rode around the world with two XL700VA. Honda does not sponsor us or even give us a discount on anything. Thereby this is completey honest: these bikes are undestroyable and they can suffer a lot. We rode 183,475 Km (app. 110k miles) and we had nearly no problems except...
  6. Worth importing?

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Im new to this forum but not biking. Im just back from 2 weeks biking around Mozambique and South Africa. My mate brought me a 1988 XVR650 for the trip. Its in good original shape with about 60,000 kms on the clock. He wants US 1500$ for it. I understand they are fairly rare so is it worth...
  7. What version of Oxford grips for the standard Dominator

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys, I'm not being lazy honest, just being dumb. What heated grips from Oxford fit the Dominator? Ihave tried my good friend Google but he just confuses me more. What version did you guys fit and do I need to trim them etc. Going to order a set before the prices go back up.
  8. Sort of new bloke

    Evening boys & girls, I've been a member for a while but not had a ' trail ' bike for some time so haven't posted. Just picked up a 700TA. As is normal with a newbie, I have a couple of questions; 1. Screens.....Anyone used both the MRA Vario, and the Givi touring screen, and can give an...
  9. For Sale: XL650V 2001 for sale.

    eBay - Transalp
    XL650V 2001 Now sold Honda Transalp XL650V 2001 Full Year MOT Expires 12/04/2017 Excellent Condition For Age. Genuine honest bike, no nasty surprises. Mileage is 38800 approx, which is nothing for these bikes. Starts first time and runs very well. There are no leaks or nasty noises. Does not...
  10. jets where would i get them from

    Dominator / FMX
    where would I get the jets from please any links to be honest not a clue what I'm looking for:thumbup:
  11. XR 600 top end refresh advice

    Hi folks - I'm new on here and hoping for some advice. I'm about to buy a '96 XR600. The seller has been very honest in that it uses a bit of oil and would benefit from a set of rings and valve stem seals. It'll be a restoration project but I intend to use it for the Spring/Summer first. I'm...
  12. lithium 12v batteries.

    Africa Twin
    Oh no not again. This is my new AT battery. It's a 4 cell pack of 15Ah capacity. It weighs less than 2kg and if I'm honest it scares me a little since those cells will discharge happily at 150A. It cost less than 100GBP. Whilst bits are painted plated or otherwise fettled I'm getting on with...
  13. Which Sat Nav?

    My other half bought me a camera for xmas but to be honest i didn't really need one so she returned it for a refund and i quite fancy a bike Sat Nav instead.I've been looking at the TomTom Rider V5,TomTom Rider 400 and the Garmin Zumo 660,has anyone got any of these or what others would you guys...
  14. Keihin Flatside.

    Dominator / FMX
    I am looking for an inlet manifold rubber for the Keihin flatside I bought for christmas. I have been looking for a GB500 one but they are as rare as a honest politician. The FX650 seems to be pointing to one side and the research I have done says that the carb should be on a five degree upward...
  15. Wanted: After another trail bike

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    After having years of XTs and Transalp/dominator, I need another one , after a slight departure down the Hornet and Buell X1 dark side. Still got the Buell (ignore the Tenere bit, that went two years ago to David Lambeth) but its abroad. Soooooo I am on the look for an honest trailie, not...
  16. Transalp - One year on

    Its been about a year since I bought my 700, and I felt worthy of a bit of praise for the old girl. It turned out to be so much more capable than I thought and underated too I think. I initially bought it for the Autumn & Winter to bimble about locally but since I've had it my st1300 has only...
  17. Just popping down the shop love. Honest!

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  18. Talk me out of it!

    Africa Twin
    There's a lovely 2004 ducati multistrada 1000 for sale here for very handy money, I'm very tempted by it to be honest. I know if I sell the twin I'll regret it so can you help me out by dissuading me?
  19. Carberg Duke or similar lid - any feedback?

    Hi all, I fancy a "flip-up" lid, mate of mine has a Shoei Multitec and time after time, it's proved that this flip up style is very convenient. However, the Shoei is silly money (£400) so been sniffing around and found the Carberg Duke (Flip-Up helmets - Duke - SB - Caberg Helmets) seems like...
  20. What would you do.....(final episode)

    Greetings from the Danish scouse fella. I just got back from a 500km trip to Germany to buy the fruit of my loins his first proper bike. When the owner started the bike up I got a flashback to when I was a hooligan when I smelled the two stroke fumes :clown::clown::clown:. Its a 35 yr old bike...