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  1. Fireproof board or similar

    Well the only real cockup of my recent build has come to light and that's the BBQ. I've built it too wide. I built the first one about 15 years ago and I don't remember cutting the blocks on the first course as it was exactly 2 blocks wide. Well either blocks have got about 15mm longer or I did...
  2. Replacement plastic shield for instrument cluster ~xr250

    1999 model, has a separate cover that sits on top of the headlight, held on by 4(?) plastic hooks. Unfortunatley it blew off whilst bike being transported on a bike rack for the first time :), didn't think to strap it down!! Anyone know of a cheap aftermarket replacement, can't seem to find...
  3. Bagster hooks

    Africa Twin
    Hi Just bought a second hand bagster (baglux?) tank cover for my AT. Noticed that the lowest hooks/straps wont grip properly. They hold the cover but could have been better. My tank has a black plastic protection strip on the lower part where the hook is supposed to grip. In front of the tank...
  4. luggage hooks

    Mechanical Advice
    :confused:anyone know where i can get these over the counter? WITHOUT paying £4.50 for a pair, theyre only a bit of plastic! HG do them but i had to order them last time and they took ages to get here
  5. luggage bungee hooks

    Africa Twin
    I was concerned about the lack of bungee hooks on my RD04 as there are only two of them. On my Transalp there were four which made life a lot easier. The answer is a couple of stainless steel eyebolts, you can buy them from your local fastener/chandlery shop or even get them on ebay. You...