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  1. Dominator frame hoop for tracker project

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello All, Im currently in the process of building a desert sled inspired NX650 and have been trying to source a rear frame hoop. My first question is does anyone know anywhere that can produce such a thing for a reasonable price as a one off? And my second question is, I can get some made up...
  2. Hepko&Becker frame with Touratech panniers?

    I got a set of Touratech panniers (41 ltr) and a hepko and becker pannier frame for my varadero (xl1000 va6). Now admitedly I only had 5 minutes, but the panniers mounting kit did not seem to fit inside the H&K frame hoop properly. Now in my innocence I thought that all ally panniers and...
  3. More out of control Africa Twin mods

    Africa Twin
    Here are some of the modification I have done to my Africa Twin to set it up for touring here in Asia. Some good ideas, or maybe I have way too much time on my hands ???? ....:rofl The bike itself, a year 2000 AT with about 96,000 kilometers on it. Replaced all the turn signal lights...
  4. Been tinkering in the shed

    Bodgers Corner
    I needed a larger trailer to carry Mini Burners Quad so I built this from a rusty box trailer, I cut the top off and rewelded the framework including making a new tailgate, fitting New tyres, wheels, suspension units,mudguards, lights and reboarded it. The photo were taken just be it was...
  5. Kriega tail packs as panniers and a rather interesting bike club

    now I have donated my TA's panniers to fit my wife's 700 I was thinking about some soft luggage for it instead. After looking at a Kriega US20 tail pack I wondered if it could be adapted to fit on a pannier loop - so I asked Kriega the question. I got the following reply: Hi Austin, Sorry...
  6. Is it worth me supermotoing my XRV?

    Africa Twin
    I'm bored - I love SM's and I love my XRV but I really fancy stripping off the fairing, 17" front hoop and a simple mini speedo What say the XRV massive?
  7. For Sale: Pannier loops/hoops

    For Sale / Wanted
    Errmm.... well not quite for sale yet, but ..... I want to make my own pannier rack so I can have my panniers equally spaced at the rear (so will be lowering the exhaust to enable this). I had a look at Touratech pannier loops and nearly fainted at the price - £33 each!!! Anyway, I contacted...
  8. Make my own pannier racks

    Mechanical Advice
    I have been a bicycle-tourist for 23 years. I have also motorcyle-toured a bit - 15 years but not so many trips per year. Currently my TA has a huge Givi top box and a tiddly magnetic tank bag that works very well, thank you. I'd like to get some side panniers to expand my luggage space a...
  9. TransAlp 2nd Birthday ride in the Cape South Africa

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well, What d’ya know! My TA is 2 years old! I bought it to explore the roads around the Western Cape and that is what I do. Off I went along the N1 to Butterfly world – Klapmuts and then to Simondium in the shade by the church. Then over Franschoek pass for another stop on the downward...