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  1. My Daughter

    Is a cracker. :p Just back from Uni, working in a shop up the road for the hols. Only a small shop, they have one till which is self service only. she only goes and alters the language when she sees a "suspect" coming in the shop. :lol: She can alter to German, Polish and Spanish. She reckons...
  2. Happy Yader's day yesterday

    Ok, it's a day late, being 4th May. or May the fourth be with you :D I was at a music festival yesterday dressed as Yoda as it was my eldest lad's stag do, an all day drinking sesh. The rest of the motely crew were Chewbaca, R2D2,The lord himself of course, and last but not least my son dressed...
  3. Witley Enduro - 27th December

    Competitions / Trials
    Its a hoot! Change of places this year, not Weavers Down but the Bagshot Army training ground. So long as I get a couple of laps in I'll be happy, so get those XR's out and join up!
  4. Rally stages mk2

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Ventured out into the forests of the Highlands again in puriut of the perfect spectator vantage point. Joined by Raymo, Steve T and Africa Jim. Super day out Raymo at fool tilt Steve doing the same !! Thanks guys for making it such a hoot :thumbup::thumbup:
  5. Susie DR350 what a hoot

    Went to pick up Meesh's dr 350 that she calls Susie - for obvious reasons. I am allowed to ride again but me knee is still nowhere near full strength so I wanted to start in smaller, lighter bike than the quarter-of-a-tonne @. It was raining so hard at Paddington the water was pouring through...
  6. Commute's a Hoot !!!

    As most of you know I live on an island on the Firth of Clyde (Cumbrae) and commute daily to Greenock on the the neighbouring island of Great Britain to sell my soul for the mighty yankee dollar. Three days a week (Monday , Wednesday and Friday) I like to cycle if possible. but today was just...