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  1. Wanted: Hornby track

    For Sale / Wanted
    Don't know if anyone has any 00 track for sale, September i'm going to board my mothers loft out and run 4 trainsets interlinked which will be roughly 12ft square so i need as much track as i can get, long straights are a must but anything considered if anybody has any for sale. May also...
  2. NW christmas ride out. Monday 29 dec.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Met up with Frad and Hudders at 0930h soon to be followed by Double O, (looking a bit chilly after re-arranging work and a dash over the M62 from Bradford :thumbup:) Frad's clean and shiney TA And Hudders . . . err . . . less clean and shiney AT :rolleyes: Off we go thro Ribchester...
  3. Sunny Sunday up North

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Took the opportunity to ride in the SUN yesterday, first time in weeks. Me,HUDDERS and Donald (on his new RD03, a real minter), met up in Gisburn sunday morning, we headed up to Settle to check out some lanes i used to ride a few years ago. Every lane we found had a Traffic Regulation Order...
  4. A little recce.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Lunch time today the fog had lifted and it felt quite mild(ish),so I decided to have a recce for next Fridays ride out. So well wrapped up I headed out toward the Trough of Bowland Jeffry Hill looking over the Trough of Bowland. The 'Trough' Transalp and look out tower/beacon Looking...
  5. trail riding in the lakes

    Still lots of riding available legally in the lake district If anyone wants to meet up for a ride out just pm me I have enough routes to last for a weeks riding. All marked up on 1:25000 os explorer maps Also SATNAV POI for start and end of routes Currently using mindmap...

    yeh yeh i know :shock: but somtime i do stop dragging my knuckles along the floor and imerse myself in the odd book or two its a nice way to step away from the everyday shit life can throw at you :roll: my fave authors are 1, of course tolkien 2, stephen donaldson 3, the stand and the dark...