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  1. Snail Horns

    Has anyone fitted a pair of snail horns to an XL700 Transalp? If you have, any pictures of where you managed to squeeze them in? I'm trying to fit a pair, my old horn has gone quieter, but I really can't see where they'll fit.

    im wanting to fit some stebel nautilas airhorns is this a specialist job, such as relays and wire stuff :confused: or can i fit them myself ? :thumbright:
  3. air horns!

    ok now i know you lot arnt exactly the go faster bonnet up tyre kicker type ( ok so a few are, but we will gloss over that bit :) ) need to fit some air horns on the range rover (Matilda :p ) so when shes out playing in the sand we dont run over too many bikers ( ok so they may still get run...
  4. It's been a busy day............FIAMM twin HiLo Horns

    Africa Twin
    After deliberating at some length I have finally mounted the FIAMM HiLo twin horns in what I think is a suitable place.... :idea: ...on the top rad cover mounting. As the horns don't weigh as much as the original, and really need to point forwards as opposed to downwards this seems to be the...
  5. horns.... spots ..... and sean !!!

    first off if youre there sean i cant find the post relating to your crash bars but id definately like to take a trip down to hastings to have a look at them so maybe we can arrange a hookup and a ride out soonish .... ok ... i hate the horn on my alp .... its as weedy as a big weedy weedy thing...
  6. FIAMM horns - mounting

    Africa Twin
    Since I had my camera out, I took a few pix to show where I mounted my FIAMMs. They went straight onto the studs securing the radiator guards to the radiators. This leaves the horns positioned just behind the air intake holes in the front fairing! I mounted the relay and fuse back under the L/H...