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  1. changing gear need help

    Africa Twin
    hi i have a problem need help.. i have changed drive sprockets and chain..i used hondas front sprocket with gold did chain, sprox rear sprocket.. i have adjusted chain leaving plenty of slack 75mm so chain nearly touches rear swing arm.. but i cant change into third gear and can hear a horrible...
  2. electric shock from HT lead

    Mechanical Advice
    My AT gave me a shock from the HT lead, or cap perhaps (forgive me if I don't go out and try it again a couple more times to try and figure out exactly where it's coming from!) Admittedly I had just hosed the bike down thoroughly (still gritting the road around here) so it was running with...
  3. Fried Clutch anybody? experience and solutions?

    Afternoon All, After a years ownership and use I got half way up High Button yesterday and fried my clutch. When I got it back, cleaned and stripped there is a horrible burnt smell, blackened plates and destroyed friction linings ripped up, melted and fused with friction material bits loose in...
  4. Wanted: lmf front wheel,

    For Sale / Wanted
    hi all,anyone out there got a straight gold lmf front wheel for sale?mines buckled and causing horrible vibes over 60mph,help!,marko
  5. Almost bike related.. Moto G phone

    Bike Comms & Audio
    Moto G colour theme change! My Motorola has suddenly started displaying quite a few apps with a horrible, hard to read, blue tinged look at the top of the screen. Kindle and eBay apps are especially bad IMO. Anyone else and if so, how to get rid of it and revert to easy to read white type on...
  6. Wanted: Off road boots

    For Sale / Wanted
    Anyone got a pair of wide fit mx/enduro/trial boots they want to move on please? Size 10/44 or possibly even a well broken in, tight fit 45? Don't need to be waterproof, just GWO :-) I have not been able so far to find a pair that are comfy, as new boots push on the side of the foot too much...
  7. chain knacked

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi there Noticed a horrible clacking noise from chain area yesterday, and on investigation looks like my chain has had it. So 2 questions. Is it best to buy chain and sprockets ? Will something like this do ? Honda FX650 VIGOR 99-02 Recommended Upgrade DID Chain & Sprocket Kit | eBay Thanks for...
  8. Just been to

    Riders BMW to have a look at the new 800GS adventure. I was determined not to like it but unfortunately it did look quite good, even allowing for the horrible colour. It's really tall, almost as tall as my ADV so Hudders would be bolloxed.:D Then the rotten sod offered me a stupidly good price...
  9. Honda xr 125 07 engine noise

    Hi everyone, i have a honda xr 125L 07 and a couples of months ago the engine started making a horrible ticking sound from the top end, i have stripped the top end and my dad ground the exhaust valve in due to it not sealing properly. Once i had put it back together everything ran smoothly...
  10. Wanted: Left hand switch cluster for AT RD07 1996

    For Sale / Wanted
    Wanted left hand switch cluster for At RD07. The dip/main switch is sticking horribly, I have eased it with WD40 and three in one, but is still sticking in the main beam position. Not too clever. I am wary of dismantilign it as I have horrible memories of a handa switch going 'Sp'dang' and...
  11. You'll never guess who

    I'm meeting tomorrow ---- Mr Francis Geoff esq :thumbup::thumbup: He's just gone and bought a ticket for the Loopallu music festival in Ullapool and he is on site as we speak :blob8: I am heading through tomorrow, suffice to say, I won't get him in the horrible state you lot got him...
  12. Rubber - Mitas Vs Conti Vs XYZ

    Africa Twin
    I need new rubber I dont like 50/50 tires because I ride rougher terrain most the time. Currently I have a Mitas C21 on the front and a Heidenau k60 on the back, but only have the heidi on because there is still enough life in them and I got the bike with them. I did a short sprint again with...
  13. That's better

    This is Adi's bike Well to be more accurate that was Adi's bike as he bought it as some previous owner had gone a bit mad wit the black paint and DPM. A couple of nights work in the garage with some (well lots of) cellulose thinners and I now give you this Nothing had been painted or...
  14. ignition switch gone stiff and horrible

    Its been coming for a while but my ignition finally seems like it going to give up the ghost very soon and probably snap my key inside it. If I lock the steering the press bit is either very slow to return or needs several minutes fiddling to get it to move back into place. Then turning the...
  15. Horrible sinking feeling

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys, My NX has started to have a top end rattle that has steadily got worse. Sounded like a tappet that needed seeing to so I took the tank off today and had a look. Took some doing to get the tappet caps off, so I suspect that it has been a while since anybody looked under them. Found the...