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  1. Hosepipe ban

    Been debating with Thames Water on Twitter today and they have suddenly gone silent - I think I have found a way round the ban. There is an Exemption for businesses that clean your car (or motorcycle) for you So I suggested I pay my son to clean my bike, or even pay myself as a business...
  2. water in the exhaust?!

    Hi, was washing the alp 650 yesterday, After spraying on some muc off onto the rear wheel to clean of old lube fly off etc. I washed off the back end with a hosepipe set on a heavy spray. Afterwards the bike wouldnt start but would turnover until I heard a big bang from the rear end. It sounded...
  3. Hi all

    Hi everybody, I'm Ben, I just joined and all that, I just got myself a transalp 600 and this seems to be the place to be with one of those....It won't always start straight away, needs attention but the MOT is tuesday and after that hopefully I might be joining some of you for rideouts/meets...
  4. New Front Mudguard

    Dominator / FMX
    Bought this "UFO" mudguard, it's really for a Honda XR400 :? only cost £16.98 all in from ebay :thumbup: like this one Try to ignore the crappy Oxford luggage :lol: I love the look this has, better than the standard mudguard. I had to cut some 3/4 inch spacers from an old neoprene...