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  1. Man down. Takoda Paul!

    From ABR this evening. I know many of you on here will know Paul Holroyd. Owner of Takoda campsite @ Kirkby Stephen. Last Sunday he was doing his job as a Highways agency officer protecting people on the M6 when an out of control car hit him and his colegue at the scene of an accident. Paul...
  2. Helicopter heros

    Today at 11.30 Ian Coates will be featured in helicopter Heros after he fell through his barns floor and had to be flown to hospital. Got to be worth a laugh:thumbup: He is now , his words " Fit as a butchers dog" now BBC1 11.30:thumbleft:
  3. do motorcycle only bays actually mean anything?

    Went to hospital today to get some results and come out to find this. Do motorcycle only bays actually mean anything atall?
  4. Spotted in Maidstone

    This morning about 07-30 by new private hospital Bearsted, heading towards M20 way. Very nice RD03/04. Not seen in Maidstone before, anyone from here?????:thumbup:
  5. Gromit Unleashed

    Yesterday my son and I went to hunt 'gromits' around Bristol. There are 80 of them all individually decorated and placed in and around Bristol and maps and even a phone app are available for you to capture as many as you can. At the end of the event (8th Sept) they will be auctioned and the...
  6. Man up again !

    Went into hospital Wednesday, got the op yesterday and was allowed home today! Seems I had two types of cancer in the bladder. Both removed and sent for biopsy. I have to say that I feel a hundred times better than the last bout 11 weeks ago. Must be the sunshine! Nice to be home and...
  7. Is Digitalcaptive OK?

    Facebook says Russ is in hospital in Redditch with a broken pelvis.
  8. Thatcher op

    I see Maggie has had an op to remove a small growth. The growth contained minor traces of compassion. If left untreated it can develop into a social concience. Rapid invasive treatment at a private hospital has ensured all traces have been eradicated with little chance of it recuring.
  9. Wiggo down

    Tour de France winner and Olympic Gold Medallist Bradley Wiggins has been knocked off his bike - Wiggins in hospital after crash. Be careful out there folks. 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  10. Barkingmadscott

    Barry is currently in hospital, he's had an accident and has had his wrists operated on. For those who use Facebook then this is him. Just wishing him a speedy recovery, no one like to read of any accidents (especially when it's one of our own) so get...
  11. Sharrie...Help!

    ok clutching at straws here & weel out of my depth! Just been informed that wife's youngest brother has been rushed to hospital with a "thrombose au cerveaux" which I think means a blood clot in one of the ateries behind the brain. the other problem is that he's in Mayotte! the doctors there...
  12. Thanks Big Tony Varadero

    A public thanks to a special bloke and his family I had asked for a place to stay in London for the night before last and Antonio offered me the spare room at his which I gratefully accepted. Then he goes and get himself admitted to hospital, I said I'd find a Hostile somewhere but he wouldn't...
  13. Rider Down/Friend and Member in Hospital

    JaseXT member over here and of the VDSR forum has had an accident in Port Talbot. There are a few members here who know him so I thought I'd let you all know in case you don't see the message over there Post and updates about how he is can be found here Rider down
  14. btbloke admitted to hospital

    Just thought I'd let you guys know that btbloke (Rich) was admitted to Northampton General Hospital yesterday evening, with stomach pain. I am sure like me, most of you send best wishes for a speedy recovery. :thumbup:
  15. win a bike donate to Papworth hospital

    The Longest Day
    A bike made from donated parts with it's very own heart transplant. Papworth gave LC club member Foxie a heart transplant in 2006, so we thought we would give something back. The bike is to be raffled off at this years CMM show in Stafford, 19th October. All proceeds to go to Papworth...
  16. AT @ CHX hospital??????????

    Jenna has her follow-up appointment after her surgery a couple of weeks ago. We decided to go on the bike (a lot cheaper and a lot faster) which was a good idea as the M1 was stationary after a white van decided to go into the back of a HGV just before Jct 7. Whilst parking the bike just near...
  17. Richard Hammond in hospital (critical)

    Blimey just read this on the BBC..... he had a big crash in a jet car......... hope he gets well soon, the things people do for a bit of telly ! Roy