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  1. Forum login problems.. anyone else?

    I seem to be jinxed on this forum Suddenly I can't login (under "ds99") I tried resetting password - it says "email address not recognised" So I try and old email address, and weirdly, that works. I get an email saying: You have requested to reset your password on Honda Trail Bike Forums...
  2. Touring Tips

    I’m a strong believer in less is more when it comes to touring speed, a rider can withstand more hours at 65mph for example than 75, especially if they stop every hour for 10 mins rest. I’m riding 250 miles on Friday but in no particular hurry, so thought it might be fun to try a programme of...
  3. RD07a engine removal WTF??

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, after about 2 hours in the garage fighting with it I still cant get the engine out of the frame. Has anyone got any tips/ photos or video of engine removal,surly it can't be so hard? And if i'm having this much trouble getting it out how do I get it back in????? thanks
  4. Breakdown Cover

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys, Almost time for me to renew my insurance and breakdown cover. Yes I have so far survived almost a year. Now when I got my insurance last year and looked at breakdown cover I'm sure I read that bikes over 20 years old cant be covered? :( The other month in the car park some dudes VFR...
  5. XR 125 2004 starting problems

    Just bought bike. started fine when being shown bike 3 hours later would not start turned over a few times - then Nhhhh sound only ( not firing/ turning over at all ) Lights seem bright Voltage on battery was 18 ( on 20v range - I don't have a 12v range on my multimeter! ) Is the starter...
  6. Spotted

    Currently holidaying in northwest Sardinia, and saw 7 big 'Dero's of various ages yesterday within a couple of hours. Must be a really popular bike ovet here?
  7. Wanted: honda xr400

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Im looking for an xr400 preferably not too many hours away from norfolk. idealy a standard example but anything considered. thanks
  8. Innr tube size query

    Africa Twin
    Inner tube size query Hi folks, Just had a puncture on the rear of my @ in the middle of Portugal. Several hours of sweat later got it fixed. Question is the only replacement I could get my hands on as the spare is 4.00/4.60 17 for my 140/80 17 rear, is this going to be ok to...
  9. Been out for my first long ride

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I’m a member of the Iron Butt Association and I’ve just completed a BBG1500 that’s 1500 miles in 24 hours, on the new to me Transalp it performed superbly didn’t hiccup once in the whole trip I’ve yet to do the stats on the ride but I completed it in 23.40 the link is for my Spot tracker thing I...
  10. De-humidifier for the garage

    Product Reviews
    Hi there, just wanted to share my experiences with bying a de-humidifier. Installed a hygrometer i my garage and realized I had constant humidity of 70%. to inhibit corrosion i believe the humidity should be below 60%. i therefore invested in a drier-rotor de-humidifier based on review on the...
  11. XR600RF rear spring/shocker info

    Hi, Does anyone know where to source a 11.5kg/mm rear spring for a XR600RF (RG/RH the same) spring dimensions are 240mm x OD 82mm x ID 56mm In fact if anyone can recommend anything in the way of any upgrade tips or parts suppliers even second hand bits for the 600RF rear shocker it would be...
  12. Video from a ride in north Vietnam

    Africa Twin
    Hi Lads! This is a video I made on a ride out from Hanoi last year. Let me know what you think of this way of shooting ... brings a bit more variation than just having the camera on the helmet, me thinks. Remember to watch it in HD ... took me bloody 6 hours to upload!
  13. Heavy Duties centre stand

    Africa Twin
    I've spent a couple of hours fitting a Heavy Duties centre stand this afternoon. Just thought I'd post a recommendation for anyone looking to fit one. It came a week after ordering, fitted perfectly (no need to remove the exhaust) and will make maintaining the bike so much easier. Definately one...
  14. Sorry, I bought a BM

    The good news is I have got rid of my Suzuki GSR750, which I traded my Alp in for a couple of years ago. The problem was, I tried the Honda Xs of various cc but none of them did it for me. So I took a deep breath, walked into BMW and within a few hours had bought the G650GS test bike! Hopefully...
  15. Nottingham to Geneva travel time.

    Meeting Girlfriend flying in on Saturday afternoon aeroplane, wondering how long will it take me to travel by Transalp from Nottingham to Geneva, to be at the aerodrome to collect her on time ? Google Earth tells me the distance is 698 miles, the journey time 11 hours and 26 minutes ...
  16. Sticky clutch under acceleration

    Africa Twin
    AT has 32k miles on it Noticed on my last ride (Ypres 300 miles there) and on the rides before then that when changing gear if I have been riding for a few hours or accelerating hard it won't go into the next gear, I have to roll off the throttle and try again This isn't every gear change just...
  17. Enjoying LWR again

    Due to a spate of sleepless nights recently I dug out my Long Way Round DVD and commenced a' viewing it Must say I am enjoying it. I know some folks have strong opinions about the whole Chewan thing but I remember recording this when it first aired and impatiently getting home to watch it...
  18. Welsh Invasion - Travel

    Welsh Invasion
    Thought I would ask if any of you are heading past my way to the Welsh Invasion? I will be leaving on the Friday morning. Not sure what way to go. I could go the quick way A34 - M4 etc or I could go the Witney - Burford - Gloucester - Monmouth - Brecon etc route. This would be a lot more scenic...
  19. For Sale: Opie Oils Daily Deals - Up to 50% Off RRP

    For Sale / Wanted
    Up to 50% OFF RRP every day of the week From 10am Monday to Friday we will have one of our most popular products on offer at a ridiculous discount for 24 hours only. PLUS over the weekend our Friday Daily Deal will continue until 10am Monday! Our Daily Deal will not always be posted on...
  20. Rear Bulb Blowing

    XR400,do they all just keep blowwing rear bulbs?,mines doing it about every hours riding,is this normal?,i know theres plenty of vibration,but surely they shouldnt blow this quick? Thanks