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  1. Slip-On Mufflers by Akrapovic for Honda CRF at

    The Akrapovic company, with its technologically advanced manufacturing facilities and highly-skilled specialists, is considered a pioneer in its field. The company was founded in 1991 by Igor Akrapovič, a racer who was pursuing perfection but couldn’t find suitable products for his bike on the...
  2. Derestricting FX650

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello guys, im quite a new user here. I have bought FX650 recently, checked with official dealer and found out I have 33hp version of the bike. How can I de-restrict it to go them 39hp or even more ? I have heard about mysterious green wire at the CDI or something like that ... any specific...
  3. XR 125 L 20004 Exhaust Question

    XR Technical Specs
    Hello Guys, I am new here but i found this forum to the better one of the ones i have found on the internet so far. I am looking for advice on how to remove the silencer/baffle in my XR 125 L. I am not specifically looking for more power, just looking for a little more noise, stock sound has...
  4. Well ive moved to the darkside ......

    Africa Twin
    Well like many of you ive been waiting for the new AT now for far to long. Well its here and by all accounts its only the name it carries over. There is no silky smooth twin in the middle and its all gone very much the same as the rest. Not saying its a bad bike im sure or hope people and the...
  5. Novel way for restricting bike for CBT!

    Bodgers Corner
    While trail riding in Northumbria last weekend, the party I was with bumped into a couple of local lads up from Newcastle. Intriguingly, one chap was riding an Honda XR250 (I didn't notice the model) and he told me he was riding it on L plates after passing his CBT. He said that he was...
  6. A2 compliant for lanky lad

    Other Bikes
    Charlie is hoping to do his A2 bike training and test shortly after passing his Theory last week. Now come the fun part, choosing the Bike... I am happy for him to bimble about on my NX400 for a while, but at 30hp, it's not going to set the roads alight (possibly a good thing!) and if I can get...
  7. Its been a while.....

    Hi all, It must be months since I have been active on this forum, sorry :( Massive job issues and hemorrhaging money like nobody's business :-x This credit crunch thing has caught up... Grrrr...... Anyhoo.... After banging my pan out for what seems ages, I am employed again - Hurrah ! So...
  8. XL600VT 34CV??? Down tuned version.....

    Hi! What is the deal with the XL600VT 34CV version? It came in 1996 and only had 34HP. :( Can it be tuned to the original specs and in case how?
  9. Africa twin 750 / HP question

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone !! I have had a couple of XR605R's before..... now I would like to build a Africa twin Supermotard. I know that gas flowing the ports will increase a few horses, as well as replacing the carb with a webber or similar. Are there any worthwhile mods I can do for extra low to mid...
  10. How do we ride

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone! I didn't find the Thread where I can say "hello", so I'm doing it here. I'm a member od Africa Twin forum in Poland, I registered here because maybe I'll transfer some ideas to my bike from you:) Two days ago I finished a video: For 2014 I'm changing the front fairing in my...
  11. What are the odds???

    Africa Twin
    I now own two 2001 Africa Twins... yes, TWO. I feel like I must be cheating to get this lucky. :toothy7: Both VIN's identical except for serial (obviously)... one with VIN 415573 and the other 415575! Basically they're brothers, err, dare I say it... Twins :laughing6: . Even more extraordinary...
  12. who used to own my bike?

    Dominator / FMX
    since i haven't been able to get my barnacle infested engine to play with, i am going to occupy myself in other ways over the hols. (a point scouseV understands so well!) so with a sack full of cloths, some wd40 and polish i am going to fondle my bike. got me thinking. my bike is a uk bike...
  13. Pete, ever wanted an HPN?

    Here's a HPN replica for sale near your old haunt in ze Fatherland, bargain, only 120 euro. :mrgreen: R100GS PD in Bodenheim | eBay
  14. Honda's latest Adventure Bike?

    Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce the Honda Cross Cub - 110 cc giving a rip snorting 8 Hp. :D No news on luggage options yet. 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  15. air tool recommendations

    about to pick up my first air compressor,a hardly used sealey sa1010/3 3hp 100l belt drive,know next to nothing about compressors and even less about air tools at this stage, but think it will prove very useful in the shed/workshop, so anyone got any recommendations for air tools,would like a...
  16. Weston bike night had so many classics!

    Just a quick post to say that the weekly Weston super mare bike night was amazing last night. I parked up next to an immaculate XL 250, which was next to an immaculate CB750K, which was two bikes down from a pristine (can't keep using immaculate) RD500LC, which was parked next to a (must find a...
  17. For Sale: Honda CRV Sport 2005/05

    For Sale / Wanted
    Click on link for more detailsHonda Cr-V 2.0 I-VTEC Sport 5dr Estate 2005
  18. These old bikes

    These old bikes certainly do run better without a wee little tear in the left carb membrane. And thus endeth a multi-month run of ever growing frustrations at my failure to pin down the cause of this bike running, well, sh!te. Doesn't help that all this coincided with me putting on a...
  19. Kawasaki KZ1300 on snow

    KRYSTALLRALLYT BMW HP2, Z-1300,GSX R, KTM 450 EXC - YouTube Mad men...
  20. New toy

    New can. :mrgreen: Always loved the look of these, and it sounds nice too. Bit louder, but not too much. Bit quieter even in some ways, compared to the by now rather breezy stock item. With a little help from WD40, to make sure it doesn't get loose. :mrgreen: