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  1. For Sale: Nitron pro hpa rd07/rd07a

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, I bought this rear shock from Rugged Roads 3 years ago for my RD07A, with the intention to prepare it for transcontinental trip. Got married in the meantime, and now with other plans. Wants to sell the shock for someone who needs it more than I do. Used for maybe 1500 km, on road only...
  2. Himalaya roadtrip 1200 km riding world's highest passes and BBC most dangerous roads.

    During my motorcycle trip overland from Holland to Nepal, in 2008, I drove already through the Himalayas on my BMW R1200GS. Unfortunately in 2008 I could not visit the highest mountain passes in the world, because all the passes were closed due to snow. In 2014 I did get an invitation to...
  3. Transalp 650 WOBBLE at Highway Speeds

    HI guys, this is my first time on the forum and hoping you may be able to help. I have a 2002 TA 650 and decided to turn it into something quite special and so far so good. We all know the TA could do with a few more Bhp but still manage to love the bike for all it has to offer, my only deal...
  4. Any Croatian or Slovenian members on this forum? Or anyone familiar with these areas?

    I'm planning a trip to Croatia and Slovenia late this summer. Croatia and Slovenia are however bits of blank charts for me, so any advice would be much appreciated. Route planning so far: Day 1: Tuesday. Gothenburg, Sweden -> Hamburg, Germany. Day 2...