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ht leads

  1. Honda transalp xl600v 1987 running fault and ht lead and coil question

    Hello This is my first post in the for him so be gentle :) OK so to set the scene a little I haven't had my xl600 long and dicided to give it a service. I have replaced oil, oil filter, spark plugs, and cooling fluid which all went well however after doing all this I ran her until warm and I...
  2. Turbo Lag!

    Mechanical Advice
    ok so it's not turbo lag but that's what it feels like! I just got back from a week end trip to the vosges & whilst there, going up the grand Ballon d'alsace in the hairpins the bike developed a bizarre fault. I could do with some help trying to pin it down before I either spend huge amounts...
  3. ht leads, copper or silicone core, which is orig/better

    Africa Twin
    RD04 ht leads, copper, graphite or silicone core, which is orig/better? thanks
  4. plug cap advice again

    Hello I finally got a Transalp and it all checked out mileage,history,price etc. gave it a wee test run fine and got it down to my garage,there has been lots of snow in the Highlands so I did,nt get it out till this weekend and after about 20 miles when it was hot it would,nt rev in neutral and...
  5. Problem! AT starts well, stops once warm - stator?

    Africa Twin
    My AT is properly sick for the first time since 2006! It starts well, but drops onto one cylinder when warm, which when left to cool for five minutes will fire up again, then die again. I've replaced both coils (One per cylinder on this model) but this has made no difference. The coils came...
  6. Problem - anyone used a wemoto ignition coil?

    Africa Twin
    Twin broke down a mile from home yesterday, as if it had run out of fuel. Switching to reserve it would only (eventually) start on one cylinder, but after a push to the petrol station fired up immediately on both. Bemused, I took it for a run and it felt hesitant and popped a lot on the...
  7. XRV650 Restoration project

    Africa Twin
    Hi there, I finally had the time to start on my XRV650 rebuild/project/restoration. It all started 2 years ago, I wanted a nice trail bike and ended up with a very nice 1999 transalp. Drove the bike for only half a year and then sold it to be able to but a car (more convenient than only a...
  8. 1998 AT misefire and cutting out

    Africa Twin
    when i was out in the rain the bike started to misfire and cut out. this cleared itself, thinking that this was water on the ht leads and plugs i thought nothing of it. started bike today on choke let it warm up and turned the choke off revs dropped to 1.5 rpm.. turned up the hill and the bike...
  9. For Sale: Loads of RD04 Bits for sale here before I eBay them!

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all Relatively new @er and I bought a job lot of RD04 bits off eBay without realizing that NONE of them are compatible with my nice shiny RD07! As a result I have the following bits for sale and thought I would offer them here before putting them on the evil bay. I am open to offers on...
  10. Ural won't start.

    Ural / Zundapp
    OK. Here we go: I know that there are not many Uralists on here, but there are plenty of mechanically mind folk, and a bike is a bike after all (unless it's a steaming pile of **** parked in my space) Bike: 2007 Ural Sportman (Kick-start only at the moment) 6900km on the clock. Last service...
  11. HT leads!!!! ****ing dimond plated or what!!!!

    Hi guys... im close to tears here.. i went down the bike shop and asked for HT leads to replace the ones on my TA 600.. nice and simple.. they gave me the bits and leads which I cut to length my self.... my Lovely helpfull brother took the old ones off... broke 2 of the leads, but it doesn't...
  12. is it definately fuel pump?

    Africa Twin
    Like the recently posted problem posed by "Gaz", my AT also packed up the other day after 40 miles on the motorway.Also, like it had run out of petrol. I knew the pump was its achilles heel so checked that first, still pumping. still wouldnt start. when RAC man arrived,still wouldnt start. When...