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  1. Huggers

    Tried to find a hugger for an 09 vara a few weeks back. The only company saying they had one was skid marx. But when i got it i couldnt get it fitted not no way not no how just slighty out all round and couldnt stop it rubbing the wheel. Skidmarx advice was well mate sometimes they need a bit of...
  2. Rear huggers - quick question

    Is it necessary to remove the rear wheel of a Vara in order to fit a hugger? I seem to be getting mixed messages - best to consult the experts on here! Thanks.
  3. huggers

    Africa Twin
    hi all, is anyone out there aware of a rear hugger to fit a 1998 AT? many thanks Paul
  4. Huggers?!

    Pleeease tell me THEY'RE not kiddin'?! If they're not who makes them and where do you get them (other than E-bay) 'cause I want one!!!!!! 8)
  5. Huggers ????

    I just thought if there is enough of us wanting a hugger for the TA then maybe we could write to a company that makes huggers for a limited run. What U recon lads? Paul