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  1. Do you live near Hull?

    Cheap TA 600 parts for £80
  2. Free return ferry ticket from Hull to Rotterdam.

    Half a dozen of us are riding to the Assen Moto GP this weekend but one lad has had to drop out. We catch the overnight ferry with cabin supplied this Friday and return on Wednesday 29/06/16 arriving back in Blighty on Thursday morning. Some but not all of the blokes are going to the Nurburgring...
  3. enduro practice events

    Competitions / Trials
    Can anyone on here give me any info on where I can get any information on practice day events for enduro. Iv been riding parkwood 4x4 over the last few months and im really enjoying it after not been riding for a while due to starting a family.. My oldest is nearly 3 now so im getting a bit more...
  4. Reevie down!

    Some of you may remember Reevie from XRV Nationals (Chris Reeve). I've just seen on Facebook that he's had what appears to be a bad off. This is the info: Not good.
  5. Riding out to Italy tomorrow

    Hi, booked on the ferry from Hull tomorrow night then 6 days away, returning on the motorail from Livorno next Saturday, Hope the weather holds out, should be good.
  6. Spurn Point, Hull.....?

    Has anyone taken a ride out to Spurn Point lately? I'm looking to head that way on Sunday & would appreciate any info Are you allowed / able to ride out to the point? What is the road like (sand / gravel / tarmac)? Does the tide influence things at all?
  7. If ever in Zeebrugge (Short History lesson)

    I have the flu, and it's really boring. So I spendt some time reading on the Internet. I have never been to Zeebrugge, zeebrugge - Google Maps but if I do, I will take a few minutes to visit the locations of this event. The Zeebrugge raid 1918. I have downloaded som pictures and facts on my...
  8. For Sale: Remus Revolution silencer and link pipe. Africa Twin.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Reduced Remus Revolution silencer. Africa Twin.£125 Remus Revolution, stainless steel, with link pipe in excellent condition. (A good polish with solvol would make it mint) Removable baffle (gorgeous bark though even with this in place). Bracket included, it bolted straight on to my 1997...
  9. Hull and back charity ride

    Charity Events
    Hull and Back home Came accross this on another forum, I am sure he will be passing a lot of us on his route. Good luck fella! JohnT
  10. Biker nights in hull.

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hey everyone, new biker night near Hull at the Riverside Cafe in Beverly Tuesday evenings; great location, great food, great service, bikers welcome. Check it out people, it's top! Riverside Cafe Beverley
  11. Anyone in hull?

    Does anyone on the forum live or work in hull? Do they know a bike breakers called spares unlimited? I am in need of a favour if anyone can help.
  12. Anyone Around The Hull Area Xr400r

    Am I The Only Person In Or Around Hull With An Xr400r Looking For People To Go Out Riding With . Im Experienced And Know Some Good Places..............
  13. Any TA owners from the Hull area?

    Anyone on here from the Hull area with an AT? I need to measure up the Headlight arrangement to see if I can produce a protective cover. Freebie in it for you if I can get them made! Can't say fairer than that eh! :D