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  1. Mechanical Advice
    I almost had a MOT failure due to my heated grips having a slight movement in them. So as I am not at the HUMM due to a rectifier issue I’ve decided to get this problem fixed. Only issue have never done such a job before. I have unscrewed and cleaned both grips; My first...
  2. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Some photos from this year's Horizons Unlimited Mountain Madness. Another good event, and the last to be held under the HU banner. Next year Austin Vince will be organising the Spanish event, and Grant and Susan will be heading to Morocco. Looking forward to Morocco already, although maybe not...
  3. Chatter
    I'm expecting to go to HUMM in July, who else is going/wants to. Anyone not got a team sorted yet? I'm billy-no-mates for this event.... Should be a laugh...:angel9:
  4. Competitions / Trials
    Dates for the 2011 HUMM are out, July 5th to 7th. Horizons Unlimited Mountain Madness - Off-road and on-road motorcycle orienteering! Couldn't make it to this year's event, so have to do it next year. Anyone else game for a laugh? Iain
  5. Ride Reports and Pictures
    OK so here's my wee TR for the 2010 Horizons Unlimited Mountain Madness event in La Molina, and my journey home along the Pyrenees. Hopefully we will get some contributions from the others involved when they get a chance. Here's my DRZ400S ready for the off. And an overview of the whole...
  6. Competitions / Trials
    John and myself have just sighed up for the HUMM did it in 2008, very good, anybody else from the forum doing it
  7. Competitions / Trials
    Ok they have the booking page out for this. Anyone up for it. I believe this one will be the van and XR givin it a go but then come the time who knows what Ill be on:rolleyes:
  8. Ride Reports and Pictures
    So Mel and Myself book a week off and set off to the Pyrenees. After seriously good bacon butties and coffee at Stormforce and Annettes we head for Portsmouth and board the Ferry. Of course after viewing Mels amazing new build and chattin to Jonathon about its gizmos. Well done its a seriously...
  9. Competitions / Trials
    If I remember correctly Mel, Mudwhiz and Phil were all planning on doing the HUMM this year. I've also registered for it. Mind you the @ is still knackered (story of my life) so I'm currently riding a Divi 600 which probably won't be much good at off-road, so I'm going to have to pick up a cheap...
  10. Competitions / Trials
    It's possible, on paper! IBA ride to the base village, 3 days HUMM, chill out lanes and back? :blob:.
  11. Ride Reports and Pictures
    A few folk from this forum made the trip to the Pyrenees a couple of weeks ago for the Horizon's Unlimited Mountain Madness. Matt and I made a week of it, taking in a few days trail riding before the HUMM, and visiting the Millau viaduct on the way home. As ever these trips begin with a ferry...
  12. Travel
    Anyone else going to this years HUMM? Horizons Unlimited Mountain Madness.. Basically - on or off-road orienteering in the Spanish Pyrenese, late July 2008... please see: I've booked a place, sounds great! Cheers Col
1-12 of 12 Results