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  1. Morocco Dakar trip pictures.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Part 1 of this report is here MY DAKAR RALLY ADVENTURE WAS SCUPPERED BY TERRORISTS BUT I WAS DETERMINED TO HAVE AN ADVENTURE. Hill parking and getting a bump in the morning from Duncan Marakesh square at sunset. Night falls on the...
  2. Fast response for AT

    Tony ( not his real name) a mate and fellow XRV rider, was just going up to bed, when he heard a noise in the garden. He looked out of the bedroom window and saw three hooded Scrotes trying to get his AT out of the shed! His first instinct was to rush down and batter the living crap out of them...
  3. Re: New members needs help

    Africa Twin
    Re: New members The Cheater Cheated! Thanks for the friendly invite as a new'en Dave. Having just bought an AT in Northern Germany, I left behind some slightly concerned, but moreover disbelieving German chums and rode it back to the UK one Saturday recently. I have tell you, I was...
  4. automotive engineer

    Mechanical Advice
    I am getting really annoyed now.. I have emailed 10 companies, and called like 40 most will not do a one off extension pipe for me. :confused2: Why one place jsut said "oh for a bike NO" and hung up on me.. what is wrong with bikes,. what am i doing wrong. please any help here would be greatly...
  5. Come to where the flavour is

    Anyone remember this advertising slogan? It was for Marlboro cigarettes and was always accompanied by images of a rugged cowboy type out in the wilds of Marlboro country. It is that image that has stuck with me after a visit to my local Honda dealer early in 1987. I’d gone to see the all new...
  6. Lightswitch stuck ... need replacing

    The lightswitch for high beem light has finally hung up for good, I had it apart before and sprayed it with electric cleaner, but this time I will change it for a new one !!! Where to get one on the net ? Anyone with similar incident, do i need to get a whole new switch or just a part ? :cherry:
  7. OK, I'm assuming it's the fuel pump :(

    Africa Twin
    But just in case, any helpful hints appreciated! Plenty of fuel - about three-quarters full, bought petrol from the garage on Chiswick roundabout last Friday. Started bike on full choke, then turned down to half, trickled down path to road, choke all the way in, everything normal, set off for...
  8. New Stella 2007 thread

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Getting bogged down hunting around the current Stella thread so I'll start a new one! 6 of us (Me, Boboneleg +4) will be there on Saturday night at the La Larici hotel (check their website). We normally have a pizza in the little resturant (has a downstairs as well) half way up the Via Medail...
  9. Arggggggg

    Dave, we need rant section, but as we don't have one I am going to do it here. I never phone any of the 118 numbers because they are really expensive but today my mobile is flat so cant get the number for ASDA in Coryton. Can't be bothered to find my directory enquiries so phone 118118 The...
  10. New @ Advice and Crash Bars??

    Africa Twin
    Hay:p . I am new to the Africa Twin. I bought mine only 2 weeks ago from Jason V. whom some of you will now from this sight. I am from Dublin, so I travelled over to Cardiff to meet with him. The bike was in really good condition, very will looked after and as he had described. (He is also a...
  11. 509 miles for a pint of milk !!!!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    ''I'M JUST POPPING OUT TO GET MILK'' I shouts. ''No worries'' she shouts back '' we're out for the day - see you about 4'' Ah hah. ''see you about 4'' !! Hmmmm. My youngest was invited to a friends birthday party - this would necessitate getting new shoes for the party, which we all know is a...
  12. the crack of dawn - I have just got it after 30 years!!

    when I was mere youngster there a certain young lady who hung around with us bikers - her nick name was "crack" or crack of dawn. When I asked why ...... "because every has seen the crack of dawn ho, ho, ho, ho," I laughed along with every one else, but never got it. I just have :oops...
  13. Buttermere Revisited...THE FULL SP

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Thursday morning... Off I go to collect my bike from the local shop, that was supposed to have done the head race bearings. They hadnt done the job.. Bearing on back order. The bearings are not bad by any means. Get back home and start loading bike up. Then the delays start..... The new...