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    Just found something over on ADV rider that I thought might interest our resident squirrel hunter, looks like you have competition Lord Vader! Must be a GS thing, strategic design if you will! What I want to know is how did it get up there? Roasty the Frying Squirrel - ADVrider
  2. Africa Twin
    Just spoke to , i think to be melvin hunter regarding a seat for my AT. After questioning i was not convinced that his explanation of what he did to cure the problem was going to be ok. SO, i am asking you folks to give me your unbiased opinion of the seat he produces.
  3. Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Did my AT seat inside a week. Brilliant job. Melvin Hunter 16 Harborough Road Holbrooks Coventry CV6 4FP 024 76 665203 Mobil 0780 376 2993 [email protected]