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    After the KLX purchase falling through, I'm looking at a nice Husky TE 610... Does anyone have any thoughts on these and / or recommendations as to what mods are beneficial and any known faults? Many Thanks, Ben
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    Obviously BMW never really got into offroad sports, so they are selling Husky to the Orange brigade Husqvarna being sold to KTM? - | Motorcycle News | Bike News | Motorbike Videos | MCN
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    Husqvarna TR 650 Strada and TR 650 Terra Unveiled « – Motorcycle News, Editorials, Product Reviews and Bike Reviews I think the Terra looks rather good...
  4. CRF - New Forum!
    hi all, first decent ride on the CRF and although its a dream compared to the Husky i do need to raise the bars a touch. I have renthals std on at the moment but i could do with a piont in the right direction??? im 6'4'' Thanks, dom
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    Attention Fans of the Knobbly tyre, Husqvarna are holding an open test day on the 19th of Nov here in Wales for info Courtesy of Touratech tweets! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Now this would go round the world! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My ole faithful Husqvarna chainsaw isn't sparking, and as a result won't run, I've checked the HT from the coil to the plug and looks good and connections fine, changed plug (no spark present when I pull with plug on cooling fin) fuel and air filters etc look okay, has fuel etc. Wondered if...
1-7 of 7 Results