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  1. Shock Absorber

    I bought one of the last Varas in 2014, made in 2011 I believe. I’ve done three long European rides (3K to 4K miles) and it’s been brilliant. It’s now done nearly 41K miles and in preparation for another long ride around Europe I’m thinking I should change the rear shock. Just looking at Haynes...
  2. Hagon preload the hell?????

    Hi all. hopefully someone can help. I recently bought a hagon monoshock with the optional preload adjustor unit. the problem I have now, is that there is about a foot of hydraulic hose with a big metal adjuster on the end. i have no clue as to where to mount it using the supplied bracket. I've...
  3. Rear Shock removal on the ABS model

    I have the SDO2 model (2008 with ABS. My service manual is for an SDO2 but is from 2003. It does not cover the ABS model. Removal of the rear shock is straight forward on the non ABS model. Simply remove the upper bolt via the right hand side of the bike. On ABS models the right side is a...
  4. For Sale: Motorcycle lift

    For Sale / Wanted
    Sold Draper 360 kgs lift only used few times here is link not at home to take pics at minute £375 Ono Draper Workshop 360kg Heavy Duty Steel Hydraulic Motorcycle / Bike Lift - 37058
  5. Purpose of fitting 45127-KA3-831 on master cylinder

    Africa Twin
    The MC inlet isn't the usual European 10mmx1, but rather 10mmx1.25 I suspect My RD03 didn't come with the hydraulic fitting pictured below. What is its purpose? Could it be an adapter to a 10mmx1.0 thread? Part # is 45127-KA3-831 and found on many Hondas
  6. Question about fitting Nitron rear shock to 650 Alp.

    Thinking about fitting a Nitron rear shock with hydraulic pre-load adjuster to my 07 650 Transalp.Just wondering if the exhaust system has to be removed to enable it to be fitted.Any advice would be helpful. Thanks..
  7. Barney Hydraulic bike lift

    Bodgers Corner
    Just bought a 2 ton car jack purely for my Dommie! :D As you can see, I had a basic bike stand before. It worked on the DRZ, but wouldn't work on an XL or the Dommie; bike too low even though I had cut the stand down and welded it back together. Also, with the basic lift, if the bike height was...
  8. Scissor lifts, hydraulic stands, whatever the proper name is...

    Africa Twin
    Leave the belly pan on, remove and try to avoid paint scrapage on frame, or just bang on under the block? Me paddock stands aren't working too well on this @, and I'm not really fussed about a centre stand at the mo but I want to drop out the shock and the front wheel at the same time so I was...
  9. bike lift

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi there all, Since my family has doubled recently (2nd bike ;)) I am considering the purchase of a proper bike jack. I am looking for something with the following characteristics 1. can be packed away 2. does not involve pumps/machines but a simply hydraulic lifting mechanism 3. I am not...
  10. For Sale: Clarke 12 ton pipe bender

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all Selling more stuff to fund the AT coffers. For sale is my beloved Clarke 12 ton pipe bender with an assortment of mandrells. The same as wot this one is Clarke 12 Ton Hydraulic Pipe Bender 10623 - 10623 - Metal Bending and Forming Machinery - Workshop Looking for £90.00 Can deliver...
  11. What do you use instead of a Centre Stand?

    I know this seems like a dumb question. I've had bike lifts, hydraulic and wind up style one's, but I've moved to a way smaller place, gotten a smaller bike (XR 125) and I don't really have room for a full size lift. There's no easy way to get a centre stand onto the XR, so I'm looking for the...
  12. Anyone any experience with engine hoist?

    I'm looking to get an engine hoist, and I wondered if anyone had any experience with them, or comments on these 2 candidates - Wolf 1 Ton 1 Tonne Folding Hydraulic Engine Crane/Hoist:
  13. Got the handlebars - but not quite as straight forward as I hoped...

    Got my shiney new Renthal handlebrs - and thought just swap the bits over... But its seems that the left grip may be glued on - and not possible to remove it without destroying it... So I'm guessing I'm going to have to order new grips - any recommendations..? Also got some multi stage risers...
  14. Rear shock for an '07

    Anybody replaced their rear shock on their Alp. If so, what with? I see Hagon have one thats fits, with a hydraulic pre load. Looks OK. Anyone have one? Thanks Wigster
  15. Short Clutch lever

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone know of a short clutch lever that will fit the twin, I found ones that clip on to the handlebar separately (not sure if there is room to fit one of those) and all the other ones are for hydraulic clutches. Maybe I didn't look hard enough. I put on some handle bar protectors (Acerbis...
  16. MAGURA hydraulic clutch kit

    Africa Twin
    Hi there. What Magura hydraulic clutch kit would fit to my XRV750 RD07A '02? Does anyone can help? I have sent the message to MAGURA, but have not got the answer so far. Thanks...
  17. hebo universal hydraulic clutch kit

    has anyone out there in xr land ever fitted on of these kits to an xr400, as i have just bought a new kit from my mate but he cant find the instructions!
  18. Improving a Dominator, part I - Hydraulic clutch

    Dominator / FMX
    Improving a Dominator // but first, fixing it! After taking my dommie for some serious offroading, I decided it's time to move on to something more dirt-friendly. So the good ol' NX will be kept as a city & gravel bike. That's how my project starts. Over the next months, depending on available...
  19. Hydraulic bike lift from Makro

    Mechanical Advice
    There's been some brief discussion of the two hydraulic motorbike lifts that Makro sells from time to time. One is a scissors style jack, rated to 135kg; the other is a heavier duty parallelogram action, rated to 400kg. I bought the 400kg version today, as I don't yet have a centrestand and...
  20. Anyone want a hydraulic clutch ??

    Africa Twin