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  1. hate to get caught up in the hype but...

    Chatter can an 18 year old from Nottingham sound so raw, so mature, and merge the Clash with Donovan???. I have mostly been listening to... Jake Bugg. Sadly gigs all sold out :(:("""
  2. carb kit for tuning

    Hi all, I was flicking through ebay and came across this Honda XL650V4 XL 650V4 Transalp 6 Sigma Custom Carburetor Carb Stage 1-3 Jet Kit | eBay Its a carb/jet tuning thingy! Some big claims re extending life of motor/response and power increases. anyone out there know much about stuff like...
  3. Biking highs & lows

    Many of us have swapped bikes over the years, some bikes performed above expectations & leave a warm feeling when you look back others may have been a bit of a dog. What have been your biking highs & lows??? For me the Transalps have done me well (there have been 5 1/2 of them now...) my main...
  4. Facet deed

    Africa Twin
    My pump is no more,deceased,has clicked it's last. Since I got the @ summer before last it's once stopped altogether and a couple of times gone on to one cylinder. At least I know what the problem was now,my own fault I was believing the tales of facet reliability,couldn't be the pump could...
  5. Christmas celebrations-who`s going where?

    Hi all, Well I`ll be in the West of France near to Royan in my Camper, usual christmas thing for me with bike in tow of coarse I know a good forest for some sandy tracks . Then New Year at Noirmoutier near to Nantes with the wild Atlantic to sober me up.... I`ve no Immediate Family to spend...
  6. Airhawk seat question

    Hi folks, I'm considering getting an airhawk seat for my @ for TLD. There's 2 types available, neoprene and polymer (which is half the price at £79). Anyone know the pro's & con's of each? And are they really as comfy as the hype says? Many thanks :thumb:
  7. A satisfied customer

    Dominator / FMX
    It's a glorious day here in Norn Iron! Just back from a good long run around the Ards Peninsula on my SLR. What a revelation, the bike impressed on so many levels that it begs the question, why did the SLR recieve such a luke warm reception? It's a single. It performs, sounds and feels as a...
  8. Windows7 or Vista

    Dilemma My errr huherrrm "Trial" version of Windows Vista got zapped by Microsfot yesterday, so I am now faced with a dilemma. I am (now) happy to buy some software, but am a bit confused on what to get. Bear in mind that my new laptop doesn't have a sticker on it with a Key or COA. It...
  9. A Big thank you to Whealie

    I thought my pads may not last through Dartmoor so I got them changed, with Whealies help I changed the front hoses to braided. Now I know the Transalp brakes are not in league with a sports bike but I found them up to the job. First couple of stops brakes felt OKish as they bedded in then WOW...
  10. Anybody been to Morocco?

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Is it worth going for only a week? Obviously time is a problem so it'll probably be best to take a ferry down to southern Spain. Anybody knows how long that takes and what it costs? Morocco: 1) Is it worth all the hype? 2) What bike is best suited - AT or something smaller? 3) Where do I go...
  11. A new Dakar for 2009?

    Competitions / Trials
    After the total balls up that Dakar 2008 became it looks that Europe and Northern Africa will once again see such an event before the ASO contract to host the 'new' old event in Argentina finishes in 2011... Over the last few years Rally raid has flourished with new events finding their way on...
  12. Prozone fuel saver?

    Mechanical Advice
    Is it a myth or not? I can't seem to find alot of evidence to say either way and there's a 30day money back guarantee on this one. It may be hype but I've sent an enquiry to find out how much it is anyway.
  13. Tony Blair

    Our dear leader has now departed, what was good and bad about him and New Labour? my 2p worth GOOD Northern Ireland - 5 Star rating here Education & NHS - seems better than before but not as good as the New labour hype would have us believe. BAD Iraq - Showed complete lack of judgement...
  14. Stuff....

    Been doin' a bit of stuff to the bike. Summary; Another set of new tyres. Winter service; 1; Platinum plugs (they're staying in a while, don't particularly believe the performance hype tho.) Original plugs had perfect clearance and a good colour but rear cylinder looks to be slightly richer...
  15. The Demise of the Transalp!

    Me and the wife stopped in the dealers 30 miles away for a cup of coffee, and I got talking to the owner. They're the same people I bought the Transalp from. So he said to me...."We've got a demo bike you want a try?" Well I'm not one to refuse something for nothing, so instead of...