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  1. Hypothetical: SV650 in AT?

    Africa Twin
    Question for the more experienced folks here. How close are these two engines? Obviously, there would be some fabrication involved, but weight savings, power gains and fuel injection!!!!! Maybe someone has tried it? Just a thought, not something I've really considered, but interested in a...
  2. Wooden pannier frames?

    Bodgers Corner
    Ok, now I have the vfr750 that I'm going to use for longer jaunts. I also have the Transalp for which I have the (Alpos) panniers, the vfr has no panniers..... Can you see where I'm going with this! Now, a time may come when I need/want lots of luggage capacity on the vfr - although I'm...
  3. Generic Engine Question

    If you were to have an engine that once it was running and the oil was hot the oil pressure was low and fluctuating, what would it indicate a problem with? This is hypothetical question!
  4. XL600v and XL650V back to back.

    Damn it!! No sooner have I decided to keep my TA 600 (93), than my dad sends me ads for a whole gammet of nice looking bikes, some TA 650s among them. Initially, I had dismissed them on age, but what is age (within reason) if mileage is low? After all mileage and wear is my biggest issue...
  5. Errrrr

    If we had any fiches that were put up on this site, and if we needed people to help in inputting part descriptions with numbers who would be interested in helping out? All totally hypothetical of course!