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  1. taffy dakar

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    any one do this iam on 2 of may cant wait
  2. whats the world coming to?????

    As of today I am now an IAM Observer........ Moi????:hitler::hitler::hitler::hitler::hitler::hitler::hitler::hitler::hitler::hitler::hitler::hitler::hitler:
  3. Slr engine swap

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi iam new to this forum just bought an slr 650 and in the middle of an engine swap , can anyone tell me any differences between the slr engine and a vigor one ? the vigor one has a housing on the left side off the engine with hose take offs and was wondering what its for .. cheers
  4. European roadside assistance

    Has anyone any experiences of Europ Assistance? I'm looking to get some sort of breakdown cover / recovery in place that covers me for both the UK and Europe and IAM Surety (my current insurer) are pushing the above one for £60 a year and it does look pretty comprehensive. Anyone any other...
  5. 10,000 miles

    My 2001 Alp has just clocked over the 10000 mile mark today whilst out for a IAM half day ride. I've owned the bike for just over two months and clocked 1000 miles on her. Great bike, sometimes wish she had 10bhp more and a 6th speed but 90% of the time I'm happy.
  6. just a quick reminder

    be careful out there people no matter how good you think you are' yesterday i lost a friend in a collision exact details unknown at this time, he was a real Gentle giant who could ride a bike like nobody i know had all the Rospa, IAM, etc, etc training but it seems this day his angels...
  7. Did my mock IAM test last night

    And the observer says I would have passed had it been the real deal But I did get picked up on a few things Indicated twice when no one there to benefit Speed could have been higher on NSL roads Didn't accelerate fast enough moving up limits Didn't move up to the following position even...
  8. IAM the start

    I've blogged this elsewhere but thought it might provoke some discussion especially round the "Hendon Shuffle" bit. Saturday saw the start of my IAM training. I had mulled over doing this IAM stuff for a few years now and I couldn't really shake off a couple of preconceptions I had surrounding...
  9. Skill for life IAM

    Anyone done this? I've been considering if for a couple of years now but I'm not going to spend the best part of £200 to have the fun taken out of biking. Don't get me wrong I'm sure I can learn plenty but if the IAM way is to bimble everywhere at a sedate pace then it isn't really for me...
  10. IAM Pass

    Passed my IAM Advanced Test on Saturday!! At last... took my first observed ride back in June before redundancy and then 3 weeks round France got in the way. Rained heavily that morning but it held off for the test itself... funny enough I had joked about prefering rain as it automatically...
  11. RoSPA or IAM (or both?)

    I'm looking at getting some advanced training and RoSPA and/or IAM seem to be the way to go. What are people's views on these? At the moment I'm thinking IAM then go for RoSPA later...
  12. Phil W I'am looking again

    :D Phil I'VE just been looking on Google Earth and Memory map for some insperational little tracks around Merthyr, Rhymney and Ebbw :D:D:D:D
  13. IAM Advice

    Me, Billy (from this forum) and a mate from work Tony have taken the plunge and attended our first IAM meeting on Wednesday night in Bristol. Scary stuff all this advanced riding. I could swear on the night we were told that the default position on the road is to the offside of the centre as...
  14. Free IAM Assessment rides Sep 1st & 2nd, North West

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Just to let you know that Blackpool Honda (just off J.4 M55) are having a second open weekend. Our club S.L.A.M will be there so if anyone wants to try a free assesment ride with one of our observers please just come along. It will give you a taster of what the IAM and advanced riding is all...
  15. IAM bike course

    Hello Folks, Thinking of doing an IAM motorcycle course. I've recently passed my test ( about 1 and bit years ago) ,and my driving style is more of a plodder , rather than full throttle. I just want to improve chances of surviving on the roads etc and my enjoyment of riding a bike. My...
  16. IAM Test

    I have decided to do the IAM training and test and have started a blog to record my progress from start to finish. So if you're interested I have posted me first blog. (In the blog section would you believe.)