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  1. Volcano disruption to air traffic

    This is a link to live data showing current activity under a much bigger glacier in Iceland. Mýrdalsjökull - earthquakes during the last 48 hours (Preliminary results) | Mýrdalsjökull | Earthquakes - all regions | Seismicity | Icelandic Meteorological office The black dotted circle is the...
  2. Iceland

    Hi I was thinking about a trip to Iceland next summer. The idea is to travel fast and light so I'll be taking my KLX250! Transalp would be to heavy for some bits I think. Anyone else been up there? Where did you go? what was good and what to avoid? How good/bad are the roads? I'm a seasoned...
  3. Anyone got advice for riding in Iceland

    Im off on a round iceland trip at the end of june when the roads all open up again. Ive visited the country before but not on my bike. Anyone ever been? Im a bit worried about whether my 600 Transalp will carry enough fuel to get between the fuel stations in the North? Id be interested in...
  4. Anyone been to Iceland?

    I'm thinking about going touring there next year. Was looking at some videos of people doing the same thing touring about the place on Africa Twins and the like. Looks a stunning place. Just wondered if anybody has ever been or if anyone from Iceland can advise what it is like for someone...
  5. Iceland

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Had a great trip to Iceland,
  6. Iceland 2004 MP4

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    From our DVD I have extracted a small portion of riding. Download it from and use Nero or VLCplayer to watch it. VLCplayer is a free player that takes most formats. Download it from