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    Just got back from 1500m round trip to Loch Ness from Pontypool. Fantastic riding once you get off the m'way, up through Glen Nevis to Fort William; could smell the coconut heather as I headed north. Arrived at Loch Ness just as the bbq was ready; perfect. My question is could I have done...
  2. Chatter
    I've decided that (@@) stays with me because of all the good people of being so helpful and informative and forceful. Luck would have it that shortly after making this decision this afternoon, a very good friend invited me to his chalet in France. We actually discussed it as the...
  3. Chatter
    I`m DJing at a local Rock Club tonight.......basically Classic 80`s Rock. Someone commented that as it`s St. Patrick`s Day,maybe I should play some 'Paddy Rock' as well. So,come on then.........what`s YOUR idea of Paddy Rock ???
  4. Africa Twin
    Hello, Just discovered a rather cheap choke-cable on 8 quid, that's about £30 less than OE :shock: It is not listed as pattern but I reckon it is, looking at the "un-Honda-like" part-number. I am actually not sure if it is...
  5. Africa Twin
    Once I get my @, I would like to strip it down and give it a bit of TLC (I'm well aware that at my budget, it may have been neglected a bit!) Luckily the bike will be for leisure, and I have the car for serious use and while the bike is being worked on. So, is this over kill, and what would...
  6. Africa Twin
    Hey guys, how about posting here next time your twin needs a big service or some major work and depending on the area maybe we can get together and help. even if you don't need help it would be a good learning experience for some. Think about it, 2 or 3 guys can get a service done a lot...
  7. Africa Twin
  8. Chatter
    I have a contact who can make us up some some site t-shirts if anyones interested? We could have a logo on the front or a design that everyone wants. If i need to talk to the appropriate moderator that would be no problem as the site could make some profit from the shirts that are sold. I...
  9. Africa Twin
    hi, sorry to post again, but has anyone got an idea on the average life expectancy on the piston rings for the AT