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  1. CG125 Tank Mods

    Dominator / FMX
    Just wondering if anyone got any photos or advice for the modifications needed to fit my CG125 tank to my Dominator?? Any Help would be much appreciated? As they say, a photo worth a thousand words, so a photo of the underside of a modified tank would be ideal.
  2. Wanted: Any trailers for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Everyone I'm after a cheap trailer. Something that will transport a Transalp. It doesn't have to be a bike trailer, but I don't want a tank transporter! South east Cornwall/Devon area would be ideal. Cheers
  3. Wanted: KLE500 wanted

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi! I'm looking for a KLE500 for a bit of a project over the winter. Do you have one hiding in the garage or know of one for sale locally??? In the south west would be ideal but I'd travel for the right bike. Thanks in advance
  4. 2001 Varadero, fitting a TA bash plate

    I have a 2001 Varadero and planning a trip across Russia. I am thinking that a bash plate would be ideal but think the Touratech one doesn't cover enough so was wondering about fitting a TA bash plate. I have seen it fitted to later models but not the 2001 one. IS it possible.
  5. Tractor on e bay

  6. Wanted: Wanted Africa twin or Transalp

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi I am looking for an Africa twin or a Transalp, I will be wanting to convert it to have longer forks and shock so the standard items are not so important, A Rally bike or part built rally bike would be ideal but anything considered except an immaculate bike because it will get used hard off...
  7. Baby Vara?

    I saw one yesterday and I thought it looked really neat with its travel boxes and all. Anyone have any comment on these bikes? They seem ideal with all these mental fuel prices. And big enough to be comfortable on a long trip.... The only bad thing I read was that the engine is "quite spunky"...
  8. For Sale: Dog crates

    For Sale / Wanted
    got these two on ebay in case anyone may be interested..... Dog Crate ideal for medium dog (mine is a standard schnauzer) | eBay Samll dog crate ideal for puppy or small dog (folding) | eBay
  9. Africa Twin Wheel Advice

    Africa Twin
    Hi all I have had my AT for quite a few years now and it's wheels are looking a bit sorry so I think I will treat myself to a new set of rims and spokes. In an ideal world it would be great to have rims like a BMW that take tubeless tyres - are there any available. I was thinking of getting...
  10. Ideal rear shock setting?

    Hi team Time to pick your brains again. Ive just fitted BT45's for the first time and am now experimenting trying to find the best set up for road riding. Got it in the fully hard position at moment but wont be testing any extreme angles of lean until the tyres are scrubbed in. Any advise...
  11. Could this be the ideal "on bike" mobile phone?

    Mechanical Advice
    Okay, for some people, "on bike" and "phone" are like "military" "intelligence" - an oxymoron or contradiction of terms. Anyway... Emporia Solid - The best new mobile phones 'It won't break if you drop it, and it's also water resistant and dirt repellent. Its manufacturer claims it's also...
  12. Fuel indicator lights RD04 and Ideal jetting

    Africa Twin
    Hi there. I am just too lazy to read my workshop manual. Is there any one that can shortly tell me how to test the sensors in the tank without exploding it. Both my red and yellow lights switch on with the ignition, so I believe there is no problem there but neither of them light up when I run...
  13. Ideal bike for USA/Mexico....

    I think this is probably an unanswerable question, or should I say everyone is going to have a different answer :D but I know there's a lot of experienced bikers on this forum so it'll be interesting to see the opinions.... I'm planning to go away sometime this winter (when funds have built up...
  14. mini cam ideal for bike use

    Mechanical Advice
    Mini DV High Resolution Digital Video Camera - MINIDV80 Ideal for clipping to a jacket :)
  15. Africa Twin on Ideal World NOW Quick SKY 634

    It's my Bike on TV. Great jet washer too.
  16. Ideal Bike Jacket

    HELP! I have been searching for an 'ideal' (to me) bike jacket & (trousers), can anyone point me in the right direction? This is what I require from a (synthetic) Jacket; * 100% Waterproof (not waterproof liner!) * Lightish colour, predominantely not black (for hot climates). * Plenty of...
  17. What would ideal bike be?

    I'd go for a dual-sport like the TA, but with about 70bhp. Good looks (my TA looks great from some angles, but from others it has a face only it's mother could love! Think same applies to the AT). None-garish paintjob. Decent windblast and weather protection. Less than 200kgs. Not physically...