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  1. New Seat?

    Hi all, Could anyone please tell me if a Honda xl650v seat, year 2006 will fit on a Honda xl650v year 2001. I have been offered one to buy but just want to make sure it will fit, looking at the photos he has supplied the plastic lugs under the seat look identical. Cheers, Spudy
  2. RD04 - RD07 Callipers

    Africa Twin
    Can anyone tell me if the RD04 and RD07 brake callipers are identical?, I'd like to use genuine Honda seals, pistons and pins when refurbing my RD04 brakes but David silver doesn't list anything pre 1993 :thumbup:
  3. Vara brake pads

    I ordered 2 sets of front pads and 1 set of rear pads, as you do, from Wemoto for my Vara 1000. When they arrived all 3 sets had the same part number. On ringing Wemoto, I was informed that front and rear pads for the Vara are identical. Is this right? :withstupid:
  4. RD03 Blinker switch assembly

    Africa Twin
    Mine has seen better days and I'm looking to replace it. Anyone used an aftermarket one? Will a the plug work on one from a Transalp? It's a different part number, but it looks identical.
  5. TRO request in Kent

    Taken from the ABR site, yet another TRO Ok so its another TRO and its in Kent but you don't have to live there or be in the TRF to object. You Pay road Tax so you have the right to use it no matter where you live. It's about your rights to enjoy our countryside on LEGAL byways. Last time just...
  6. Reg/Rec for a [email protected], anyone know what else is an identical fit

    Africa Twin
    I'm having trouble finding a secondhand Reg/rec for my @ does anyone know of a list that would show what others would be identical (I.E. just something to plug and go)? I'm at work right now and can't really spend the day searching and I just thought if someone knows they could post it and I...
  7. Free: Surplus stuff!

    For Sale / Wanted
    Trying to have a bit of a clear out........ Cinerex Film Projector Dual 8 707 Auto - it looks in decent nick boxed & all there, I'll try & test it tomoz identical to this; Cinerex Dual 8 mm Film Auto Projector Model 707 | eBay Table & chairs...
  8. 2011 varadero pannier racks

    Does anyone know if the standard honda racks fitted to the 2011 vara are identical to those fitted on the 2008 model
  9. Sold: My Varadero is for sale - loads of accessories and extras

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    REDUCED REDUCED view of the need for 2 tyres and brake pads before long I will knock £250 off and round that down to £3,500 hopefully for a quick sale. Offers considered as we just closed a deal on one and p/xd annes bike. I am selling my 2007 Varadero (wanted 2x good, low...
  10. Indicator fault

    Africa Twin
    On the way down to the Bulldog Bash last week my indicators must have packed up - I only noticed after the M6 Toll, so it could have been anywhere. It turned out not to be a fuse as I'd hoped, although the relay was blowing the main 15 amp fuse and making that infuriating croaking noise...
  11. Fork top spring

    Africa Twin
    Hello; Another quickie... does the fork top spring (short one) matter which way round it goes in? I may have (not 100%) but got mixed up on one side. How can I tell? It looks exactly identical from both ends.... Thanks Oliver
  12. Good Book

    Was browsing the books at Manchester Airport last week I bought a copy of "Two Wheels Through Terror" by Glen Heggstad. Great book. He left Palm Springs in California with the intention of riding down to the Souther tip of Argentina via the West coast of South America then riding back via the...
  13. Will this work? NX 250 to XL 250 Degree swap?

    hi all Does anybody here know if this Silencer ALU Honda NX 250 Dominator , 297,00 € - Motorsport Goetz GmbH, Goetz Motorrad, Quad, ATV, Enduro Zubehoer willl fit my XL 250 Degree? Am about to lavish some TLC on the old beast and a less restrictive exhaust and some air box mods are on the...
  14. XL650 - Progressive Springs (Hagon)

    Transalp Technical Specs
    I have copied below the box label and installation instructions for a set of progressive springs from Hagon. These are Hagon part No. 400-160-04. They are not listed on their website but if you call, they are in their catalogue for the XL650 and they recommend a fork oil of 5sae with an air gap...
  15. Anyone tried this new tankbag from Givi?

    This new tankbag from Givi - the T480 Easylock - looks pretty interesting: GIVI T480 EASYLOCK - Soft Luggages Anyone tried it? It would do away with straps and seems secure and easy to get off. The list of bikes it fits doesn't include the Transalp but I went down to my local garage yesterday...
  16. For Sale: RD07a high screen

    For Sale / Wanted
    Having bit of a clear out in the garage and found a tinted high screen for RD07a. Not sure of make, but looks identical to TT one on the bike... £35 and it's yours
  17. RD07 Tail light

    Africa Twin
    Hi Looking to replace the tail light unit with a clear led one and want to know if the @ RD07 unit is similar or perhaps identical to another more common Honda unit which would simplify my search. I've been looking through older posts and only find reference to bulbs and led panels but I'm...
  18. Wanted: Transalp brake calipers

    For Sale / Wanted
    Like the title says, I need a pair of brake calipers for a 2001 TA. The existing one's are Nissin two pot calipers, but I beleive the brembo items from newer TAs will fit, as do some calipers from certain ATs. There's probably also a whole load of other Hondas out with identical calipers...
  19. Foamie Filter for the RD03/RD04

    Africa Twin
    I just posted a mod to remove the paper filter on older Transalps and replace it with a field-servicable foam filtter that may actually.....uhmm......filter. I believe that the RD03/RD04 Africa Twins use the identical part. Here's a link to the Transalp forum if you're interested...
  20. Givi fixing plate on Varadero 1000

    I have a Givi fixing plate on my Varadero 1000 identical to this: Will ANY Givi topbox fit to this plate? Cheers